Indecent exposure, a near death experience and an injury – The Vacation Recap

So, you may know that MacGyver and I took a little mini vacation. It was a much-needed break and we had a really good time. I’d love to tell you about everything that we did but that would take forever and it would probably bore the crap out of you so I’m just gonna give you the highlights.

Our Vacation house in Venice Florida

One of the best things about going to our vacation house is the fishing. MacGyver and I usually have competitions because we both love to fish. This time around MacGyver obviously won but since he caught, filleted and cooked the fish, I think I actually got the better deal. 😉

Fishing in Venice FloridaThe beach at the Venice Inlet is beautiful and sometimes when the conditions are just right, the surf is pretty decent too. We take our paddleboard and our kayaks down here a lot and hop around the little islands. We also like to find pre-historic sharks teeth and I love collecting shells on the beach.

The Venice Inlet

We also spend a lot of time on our boats. The dogs absolutely love it. There’s a really low sand bar on the other side of the inlet where we take the dogs to swim. If the tide is low Hank can actually stand up and he really loves it.

Hank the Dachshund swimming

The dogs also love to fish. I swear. They watch the pole and they know when you have a fish on. They even try to help you take it off.

Dogs in Venice, Florida

That’s probably because they want to eat it….

Sometimes if the tide isn’t low enough, Hank has to swim on the sandbar, and after a few minutes he gets tired and jumps on Boomer’s back. Unfortunately this weekend Boomer wasn’t around him, but I was, so Hank jumped on me and ripped my bathing suit top off. It was a good thing there were only 20 or so boats nearby and 30-40 people in the water around us…otherwise I might have really been embarrassed.

dog pulling suit Sorry, but you ain’t seeing any pictures of that!

Another great thing about Venice is the Legacy Trail. I absolutely love to run on it while we’re down there. I ran 9 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday.

The Legacy Trail

I even ran the big hill located on the trail:

A Florida Hill

I run so much when I’m down there, it’s become a retirement home for my running shoes.

Running Shoes retirement home.

I planned on running again on Monday morning but I had to walk instead because on Sunday I was on the computer when the dogs suddenly came flying into the room. I quickly turned to see what all the commotion was and I pulled a muscle in my back. Instant. Severe. Pain. I still have pain if I twist too far so hopefully it goes away soon.

back pain

So that’s pretty much the abridged version of what we do down there. We left late Monday to come home. Unfortunately MacGyver was really tired after spending many hours out in the sun on the boat. I probably should have driven but I didn’t and MacGyver swerved into the path of another car on the way home and almost killed me! Fortunately I saw the other car and screamed before a collision occurred….

Bad DriversThe good news in all this is that MacGyver can no longer make fun of the huge dent on the back of my car that I acquired whilst backing out of the garage because I didn’t almost merge into another car and kill my spouse! Winning! There is always a silver lining in my cloud! 🙂

So tell me about your weekend. What did you do?

Ever lost your bathing suit in public?

7 thoughts on “Indecent exposure, a near death experience and an injury – The Vacation Recap

  1. It looks like you had a great weekend!
    I’ve been catching up on our house cleaning.. had a little bbq at my parents’ house and got my road bike in working order! Thanks to my dad. I’m finally back to my old running self and I’m looking for a duathlon training plan.

    Low key weekends at home are nice but can get old real fast!

  2. This makes me really want to go down to our house on the Outer Banks, but we’re not going until after our sons wedding later this summer… Yes, I lost my swimsuit top while swimming with a bunch of our college guy friends. I was one of only two girls there…

    My weekend was super busy with Fit Foodie 5K ambassador stuff and race in Fairfax. It was so fun hanging out with six other blogger/runners!

    Hope your back feels better quickly! Back injuries are no fun!

    • I heard about the fit foodie 5k. It sounded like big fun. We are supposed to be heading to Fairfax Station sometime in late August to visit the family. Wanna maybe come run Burke Lake Park with me? 🙂

    • That is mangrove snapper and it is delish! When you come to run a marathon in Florida, I will catch some and we can cook it. Incentive? I think so!

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