I’m pretending to be a mermaid this weekend.

Hello from Venice!

I know, random right? Well, MacGyver came home from work Thursday and we decided that since we have been working 6 and 7 days a week, we needed a mini vacay so Thursday night, we hopped in the car at 8pm and headed down to Venice.
Venice Florida
Friday morning was a rest day for me so we decided to take the dogs out on the boat. Before leaving MacGyver threw the cast net in the water and guess what he came up with? 12 Mullet! We cleaned them and popped them on the smoker before we left and then we were off.
Island in Venice Florida
We stopped at the Island and let the dogs play in the water.
Dachshund swimming
Daddy and his lab
We also did a little more fishing but unfortunately nothing was really biting and then when we did catch a few snapper, they weren’t big enough to keep.

After hanging out on the boat we got back to the house and look what was ready:
Smoked mullet
Yeah, it was good.

I got up this morning and ran a little over 9 miles on the Legacy Trail. Unfortunately it was already so hot and humid by 7:30am that the feels like temperature was 85! Hot, hot, hot!

Looks like we’ll be staying down here til Monday afternoon so I’ll update again soon, well, as soon as I can ‘borrow’ the internet from the neighbors again and as soon as I finish paddleboarding and kayaking….and…..you get the point.

Hope you’re having an awesome day and seeing cool things like this:
cool birds
What are your plans for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “I’m pretending to be a mermaid this weekend.

  1. My plans are to have no plans! 😉 maybe get in a good run this morning.. clean up the back deck.. whatever I feel up to doing.
    Enjoy your vacation!

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