I can stop at any time….really.

Okay, I’m just gonna go ahead and admit it right now, the minute I start trying to cut down on shopping or curb my spending habits, boom, 900 emails with the greatest deals ever flood my inbox and I’m off like a bullet from the barrel of a freshly fired gun!

But it's half off...Yesterday morning I plowed out 6 miles, took the dogs for a walk, showered and then sat down to get to work. I had every intention of spending the next 3 hours hammering out some edits and writing some quotes but first I had to check my email….and that’s when I saw this:

Old navy compression capirs


Old Navy was having a sale on Compression Capri’s for twelve dollars and it was a one day only sale! Twelve. Dollars. That one was a no-brainer. So, I rushed through the rest of my emails, made a few phone calls and then headed on over to Old Navy.

I planned on spending twelve dollars or maybe twenty four dollars, depending on the color selection but I managed to find only one pair of black compression capri’s in my size. Apparently everything else in the store was all available in my size, which was fortunate for me because most of it is now in my closet.

I love to shop...


If at first you don’t succeed….I decided to start curbing my spending the next day.

We had some rain last night which means Hank won’t go outside to go potty. Even though he’s 10 pounds of terror and wants to bite the face off of every other dog in the neighborhood, he doesn’t like to get his paws wet. It’s obviously beneath his pampered self.

what did you say


So I woke up with a little pile of dog poop on my treadmill. I believe he’s trying to send me a message. My dog is a treadmill pooping jerk.

Anywho, after dealing with that mess, literally, I sort of ran/walked another 5+ miles this morning. It was an easy workout, mainly just because I needed to get out of the house for an hour before a very long day of work.

After my run, I took the dogs for a walk, showered and then sat down to work. I opened up my emails and I was overjoyed… I saw one of my favorite shirts from New Balance at 6pm.com on sale for 9.35. $9.35! SHIT!

New Balance Tank


In case you’re interested, here’s the link. It comes in many colors too. I was good, I only bought 4. I’ll just go ahead and start that curbing my shopping habit thing tomorrow.

Shopping online for running clothes


What’s the last thing you bought? (I’d love to say it was that tank above from this morning but right after that I got this email from the Coach Factory Outlet…)

Do you have a hard time passing up a good deal? (DUH!)

8 thoughts on “I can stop at any time….really.

  1. I hear you – my ban is on art supplies & home decor. My last purchase was some rose food/insecticide from Amazon that Home depot no longer carries and vitamins – gah, I feel so middle aged writing this

    • LMAO, I’m laughing with you I swear. If some of the things that I’ve purchased recently came to light, people might think I’m 70! See: Fiber vitamins…

    • I’m sure I could use the money on something more practical, like a power bill or a water bill, but a girls got priorities, 😉 But I will say that I always look for the best deal and I almost always buy things on sale…and I love to share those links as often as I can so you guys can get the good deals too 🙂

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