Happy full moon friday the 13th!

Happy Full Moon Friday the 13th!

The Honey Moon

The moon was actually very bright last night and I got a picture of it, it’s called a honey moon because of its yellow hue. Of all the full moons of the year, it is the one most likely to glow yellow throughout the night.

Also because of the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June the full Moon that occurs during this month was christened for the strawberry and is known as the Strawberry Moon.

Friday the 13th

Of course today is also Friday the 13th, which is not necessarily a good thing for those with friggatriskaidekaphobia – that’s the fear of Friday the 13th. For those people today is a day of fear…

Friday the 13th dog

It’s FRIDAY……the 13th…..And……it’s a full moon……

I happen to think today is a lucky day. It’s not very often that Friday the 13th occurs during a full moon, in fact, it’s rare. I celebrated by sporting my black and yellow pureflow 2’s and running a little over 5 miles this morning in the pouring rain.

Brooks Pureflow 2's

AND it was awesome!

Taylor Swift may not have any luck with men but 13 is her lucky number, wait, maybe that’s not a good example. Okay, how about this, in Italy 13 is a lucky number and according to some mythologists 13 is a female number. The American flag has 13 stripes in honor of the first 13 colonies and a baker’s dozen is 13. Who doesn’t love 13 doughnuts? See? 13 is Lucky!

Friday the 13th

Did you run today? Are you going to?

Do you think Friday the 13th is unlucky or lucky? (I’m gonna play the lottery!)

6 thoughts on “Happy full moon friday the 13th!

  1. I did a little research last night on the full moon on Friday the 13th and it’s so rare that we won’t see it again until 2049.
    I’m not superstitious at all. In fact, 13 is my own lucky number.
    Many people believe that the gravitational pull from a full moon can influence people’s behavior. I used to witness this first hand when I worked in the service industry. You could always tell when it was a full moon by the way people acted.

    • I totally agree with you. I have friends who are nurses and doctors and they tell me the E.R. gets crazy at that time too! (Mostly due to bar fights, go figure, haha). But I think there is definitely something to that saying, ‘must be a full moon’. 🙂

    • No, it was a gif I found at gifbin but he sort of looks like my Boomer. I just love that gif and I’ve been dying to use it. LOL 🙂 Have a stellar weekend!

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