A story, a giveaway and 1 dollar shoes, Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I love Fridays. Not that there any different from any other day for me really, I just love them because I want to, so there.

Today was a day off for me, no running. Since Boomer really needed a bath I somehow convinced MacGyver to give him one while I took Hank for a walk. It’s almost too hot to walk Boomer anytime the sun is out, besides the fact that Boomer weighs 125 pounds and has loads of black hair, the poor dog gets so hot and miserable that it’s better to let him swim for exercise.

dog need bath

Anyway, MacGyver got down to the business of washing Boomer and I took Hank for his walk. The thing about Hank is that the dog refuses to poop in his own yard and God love him for that. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to clean up after him when I walk him, but it’s much easier to find when you’re walking behind him. This is not always the case in the backyard as it can be easily missed until you step in it.

dog poop So, Hank and I head out this morning bright and early, me with my poop bags and he with a mission. The mission of finding the perfect poop spot, or in Hank’s case two of them, because even though he only weighs 14 pounds, the dog can poop like a Great Dane.

Now despite the fact that he poops a couple of times, Hank is very picky about where he will poop. Whereas Boomer prefers to poop by a tree or in bushes and poops while turning in a circle, Hank prefers to stay as still as possible and prop his butt against something when he poops. I seriously think that he believes he is making a masterpiece. Once, while we were down in Venice, MacGyver and his Mom took Hank for a walk and he pooped on a tree and it stuck right there, against the bark. We even took pictures of it which unfortunately I cannot find right now. I’ll have to locate those and post them in the future because if you’re still reading then you are obviously just as mesmerized by my dogs pooping skills as I am.

The point here, is that lately Hank has a fixation with chain link fences or rather pooping through chain link fences. So, when I walk him, I have to walk by the only houses around us that actually have chain link fences so that the dog will poop, otherwise he will not go. Mind you, none of these homes are all that close to mine so it takes quite a bit of time to walk the damn dog. Also, have you ever tried to pick up poop from behind a chain link fence? Not an easy task, I assure you.

dog on fence

Not sure if I want to poop….I’m sort of on the fence about it!

This morning we located the perfect spot for a fence poop. The chain link was easily accessible from the street, yet the other side was covered in a nice vine, which is why we didn’t see what was on the other side. Hank gets into position and within mere seconds, he’s off.

I heard some rustling behind the vines which startled me and I, in turn, startled Hank so we moved back a few feet. I was afraid there might be a huge dog on the other side and I was a little concerned that he might take my hand off if I tried to pick up the poop. Based on that, I was hoping Hank didn’t actually finish. I looked to see if he had finished, great, he had.

Just as I started to move forward to clean it up, a peacock peered through the vines and immediately starting eating the poop! And he ate all of it. I would have been disgusted except in truth, I was grateful. I didn’t have to clean up a thing, oh, and now I know what peacocks eat. What a way to start off Friday, right?

Hank the Dachshund

But Mom, my cuteness trumps all!

I’ve got some running planned this weekend and some swimming and a little fishing too. I’m pretty stoked about it. The 95 degree temperature and 100% humidity, not so much! But, I’m still going to update with some awesome pictures and stuff this weekend…so don’t forget to come back and check it out.

Remember how I mentioned the Enduro Cool towel and I asked if anyone had tried them? Well, my girl Fawn is giving one away! You can enter to win by going here to her blog and following her link to the giveaway. Good luck! Thanks Fawn!

One more thing, if you have an Old Navy credit card, you can buy flip flops today for ONE DOLLAR! If you don’t have an Old Navy credit card you can still buy them for a dollar, you just have to wait til Saturday.

So, tell me something weird that your pet does?

What are you doing this weekend?

8 thoughts on “A story, a giveaway and 1 dollar shoes, Happy Friday!

  1. If I had a pet I would contribute 😉 Hopefully this summer though! I cannot believe Boomer weighs 10lbs more than me!!! Scary! I am sure he is lovely though! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for a good laugh. I’m currently riding in a tiny Saturn on our way home from L.A.. we spontaneously drove 4.5 hours to LAX to say goodbye to a dear friend who is moving to Costa Rica.. anyway, we didn’t sleep much so this post probably cracked me up more than it should have..
    I’m still chuckling…
    Have an awesome Friday!

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