What I’m supposed to be doing that I’m NOT doing…

The weather is not cooperating with me at all!. I did manage to squeak out 5.25 miles on the treadmill this morning, but let’s be honest, it really wasn’t noteworthy.

You don't have to post your run every time you run

I’m supposed to be in Holopaw right now or at least on the way….obviously, I am not. It is still raining and we are afraid that we won’t be able to get to the cabin because the rain sometimes washes out the dirt roads. #FloridaProblems

Florida Rain

MacGyver is pretty upset about the situation because he’s been working on a major project for the past few weeks. He’s building a super powered machine that we have dubbed FrankenMower. It looks like this:

Mean Machne Mower

Only not. The picture above is his dream machine but MacGyver decided it would be cheaper a better idea to build one himself. I can’t bring myself to take pictures of it yet, but I promise I will, just as soon as I paint it green and put some bolts on the side of it.

Last night I went to mall to buy some birthday presents and Mother’s day presents. It took me almost 20 minutes just to get out of my neighborhood.

Peahen Crossing

Doesn’t everybody have to stop for peacocks, (or in this case, peahens), when driving through the neighborhood? No? Well, we do. After I finally got to the mall it took me forever to get a parking space because apparently everyone else had the same idea that I did and we all converged at the same time. I seriously almost smacked a bitch at least twice. Unfortunately, leaving the mall was just as bad…I hate driving in Florida and lately, this is my mantra….

Driving in Florida

But I made it home safe and laid out all of my camo….

Camo clothing

And now we’re just sitting around waiting for the stupid rain to go away…..

What are you doing this weekend?

6 thoughts on “What I’m supposed to be doing that I’m NOT doing…

  1. I finished my run at 33:19. I’m out of shape (not that I am a fast runner) and the gravel was hard. So was the 94% humidity!

    The rain today is just a bad down here. It woke me up a couple times. I never did fall asleep last night.

    I don’t want to talk about the drivers.

    • This humidity is horrible and that’s not a bad time at all, you should be very proud, especially running in this weather. Now pat yourself on the back and get some rest 🙂 Good job, Karen!

  2. AGREED! But I had to run from a stressful week and just couldn’t face the dreadmill….donned a hat and took off to the causeway, ran 8.5 in the rain ( not horrible though……actually felt pretty awesome considering the humidity that has returned!) and best of all absolutely NO ONE was out there ….no runners, no walkers, no bikers, no skaters, no dogs, etc……came home soaked and the newtons ( old ones) were squishing out water …..BUT got it done!!!!! Running the Dunedin Hog Hustle next Saturdayy…..are you up to joining me yet? Hope you get to the cabin!

    • Never made it 🙁 We’re putting it off til next week because the roads are more than likely unpassable, (is that even a word?) Anywho, I’ve got a start date of June for races but I havent figured out which ones yet. Let me know which ones your doing so I can sign up for ALL of them because I totally miss running with you! And good job on the 8.5 in the rain, super impressed over here 🙂

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