Saturday Shameless Selfie Post

Happy Saturday! Hope yours is going well. I’ve already finished my run and I’m getting ready to do some yard work cause that’s how we roll around here. But since I’m not doing anything super exciting like this guy this weekend, I thought I needed something really stellar to grab your attention, something seriously worthy of your time.

And then it occurred to me, I should bombard you with a shameless selfie Saturday post!

So, here we go….

Yesterday I took a selfie in the bathroom because every good running blog needs an obligatory bathroom selfie, right?

Bathroom Selfie

And then, because I felt like you needed to see that I’m a crazy dog lady, I took selfie’s with both of the dogs.

Me and Hank

Hank looks like he is more interested in what’s going on outside the window because he is. Boomer, on the other hand, just wants to lick my face off!

Boomer and Mommy

After taking selfie’s all day I was exhausted. So exhausted in fact that I couldn’t even summon the strength to cook dinner. Selfie’s are hard y’all. First you have to take a gazillion pictures and then you have to delete a billion until you find the one that actually looks decent. I just don’t know how anyone does it. Fortunately, MacGyver came to the rescue and took me out to dinner. Carrabba’s, here we come….MacGyver also took over with the selfie’s because I was just too tired.

My first glass of wine

Unfortunately that was only my first glass of wine….more were to follow…..and then MacGyver and I got really crazy and went to Aldi for a few groceries. Have you ever went grocery shopping with a little buzz? Yeah, I’m not gonna recommend it. It’s hard to make good choices for food when alcohol is involved…and that’s all I have to say about that.

I woke up at 5:30am ready for my long run this morning. Here’s another bathroom selfie because, you know, we have 2 bathrooms so why not?

Another bathroom selfie

I think it’s important to note that my outfit matches my shoes perfectly and I totally did not plan that….okay I did, but still, that’s skill!

I wasn’t counting on a hangover or dehydration upon waking this morning, but that’s what I got, hence my run wasn’t the greatest. It was only 8 miles and I walked most of the last 2 and a half but I got it done. And I also took the obligatory trail selfie:

Running Trail Selfie

The, ‘I’m so smart, I’m wearing a hydration belt’ selfie:

hydration belt selfie

The all too common, but never boring, shoe selfie:

shoe selfie

Not to be out-done by the ever so exciting legs and shoes in action selfie:

running selfie

And I am ending the shameless selfie post with the obligatory, yet much-needed, Garmin Forerunner 620 Selfie:

Garmin Selfie

And there you have it. No animals were harmed during the making of this post and no free shit was provided despite my obvious product placement.

How do you feel about selfie’s?

17 thoughts on “Saturday Shameless Selfie Post

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    • LMAO! I was going for a cleavage shot, you know, just for the page views, FAIL! You are still the #QueenofCleavageSelfies 🙂

  2. You are toooo funny ( and gorgeous)……I’ve deleted every selfie I’ve ever attempted!!!! I did get the green like to ” proceed ” with caution with my back….it is much better, BUT still feeling it sometimes ( I never got a definitive diagnosis….I’m sure there’s some disc degeneration…been told that before….but hey….I’m 55) and my back was in spasms….I’m suppose to go back next week…..hmmm we’ll see. And I’m sure you saw my post I had strep this week…damn 2nd graders lol :). I haven’t registered for any summer races, just the honeymoon half in Nov. and best damn race in Feb…..I’m sure I’ll sign up for some more… about you? How are you feeling after your mailbox wipeout?

    • You are too kind, you should see all the ones I deleted, hehe. I’m good, no lasting effect from the mailbox crash, haha. I havent finished my calendar yet and I was going to do seadog but since it’s not seadog anymore, well, I dont know if I want to do it. I do wanna do the kiwanis midnight run again, july 4th, so much fun. You should do it with me! Seriously, it is a blast. Im going to do the honeymoon half with you and also womens running and I registered for best damn while cleaning out a vulture cage, ha. Once school is out and you can run, call me, please, I’ll go with you anytime, I miss running with you! Glad your feeling better, sending good running vibes your way to get you back to 100%! 🙂

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