Race Registration Vultures and spreading the joy of running!

Hello, happy Friday. When last I posted I was still recovering from an extended slumber. I make no apologies. It was heavenly. But, after 15 hours of sleep, I needed to get outside and that’s exactly what I did.

Running in Clearwater

My neighbor and little friend Jayde, has been expressing an interest in running and so she asked me to show her some proper running form and such. We’ve been walking each night and lately incorporating some running into the mix.

Jayde Running

We’ve been having a lot of fun and she’s been such a good sport. She’s even helping me attempt to break the speed limit…

Running Fast

Running with Jayde has been awesome and I love spreading the joy of running with Jayde and I hope she loves it for a lifetime. This is how she feels about it so far….

Jayde loves running

I think we have a new runner on our hands!

You may remember a few posts ago how I made that awesome rescue of a red tailed hawk and I mentioned I’d be volunteering at Moccasin Lake Nature Park. Well, yesterday happened to be the day and it was awesome.

Unfortunately volunteer day and opening registration for the Best Damn Race happened on the same day. The best damn race offers huge discounts on your entry fee if you’re one of the first people to register, discounts as low as a buck and you get free race photos if you register within 36 hours!

Obviously, I take my racing pretty seriously. So I registered….. while working in Elvis the Vulture’s cage! Fortunately Ashley was raking the sand and Barbara stood by to make sure Elvis didn’t attack and I was able to register. Whew!

Elvis the Vulture

Elvis is hilarious. He just wanted to play in the sand and bury his toy. So much like a dog, except, he’s a bird and quite a large one too.

Elvis Vulture

After putting new sand in all of the bird cages, I took a long walk around the park. It’s very beautiful but I’d like you to see for yourself so here’s a lot of really cool pics.

recreation areaMoccasin lake park Park boardwalk



PondMoccasin LakeBlack Crown Heron


Teaching MeadowShell Pathboardwalk in park




moccasin lakeboardwalk to lakePeacock on Trail




The Power HouseThe TurtlesBald Eagle




Penelope the EagleEducational MaterialsCovered Boardwalk







If you’re local to the area, Saturday May 10th is Eagle Fest at the park, and it’s open from 10-5. Entry is free as always! You really should come, children love it here!

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever registered for a race?

Ever hung out with a vulture?

10 thoughts on “Race Registration Vultures and spreading the joy of running!

    • That’s my favorite. It was so cute because I said do something to show me how excited you are about running and she jumped in the air.

  1. Awesome! Sounds like someone is having fun! I am afraid I do not really have very exciting race registrations as I mostly enter races through emailing the race directors! Sounds like fun though!

  2. In an abandoned Ruby Tuesday’s. And it was for the Women’s Half Marathon in Scottsdale. It was so ghetto. But I just focused on the reason behind the run. Looks like you’ve become a running mentor! Awesome!

    • I ran the women’s half in St. Pete, what a great race! I loved it. Of course, I woulda probably been sketched out if I had to register in an abandoned ruby tuesdays in the ghetto but like you, I would have done it anyways 🙂 I’m so stoked Jayde is embracing running! And she’s really good at it…!

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