No Gisele, just no, I will not survive!

I got up this morning at my usual 5:30am and by 6:45 I was out the door ready to go running. It takes me a while to get out the door in the morning what with all the coffee I have to drink and the tinkering that I must do. I finally left at a few minutes before 7 and by 7:30 I was a hot, sweaty, miserable mess, and I was done.

Running in heat and humidity

How could I forget how miserable it is to run in Florida in the Summer? Oh, it’s not summer? Well, tell that to the thermometer that reads almost 90 fucking degrees already! It’s Summer, by God, it is!

Every morning after I run, I take the dogs for a walk. It’s never boring I can assure you because my dogs are about as well-behaved as a bunch of wild monkeys in heat, swingin through the Amazon. They are not good dogs. I love them both like crazy but they know they’re in charge and they take full advantage of the situation.

good dog, bad dog

After I get back home and take a quick shower I get to work. The first thing I do is check my emails and answer any that need answering and while I’m doing this I watch that show, ‘I Survived’. You’ve probably seen it before. It’s the show where someone is attacked or severely injured in an accident and against all odds they survive.

Earlier in the week they had the story of a runner and her dog and so instantly I was sucked into the story. She was running in a canyon somewhere out west with her dog. About 5 miles into the run she fell into the canyon and shattered her pelvis. It was a dire situation. When the rescuers found her they said, “You’ve got a good dog”. She hadn’t known it at the time but her loving dog had run 5 miles, all the way back to her truck to alert the people who were looking for her. He then led the rescuers back to her where she was airlifted out of the canyon. 18 months after the accident, she and the dog went back to the canyon to finish their run together, it was a heartwarming story.

But it got me to thinking….

If I fell while out on a walk with my dogs, Hank would run off with the first bitch that came along. And Boomer, well, Boomer would eat me about an hour into the ordeal, and with no regrets because with Boomer, food trumps all. My show would be called, “I did not survive”.

Food trumps everything

One last thing I need to mention, this. This is just so wrong.

The only thing right about this thing is that it benefits unicef. If you choose to purchase this on iTunes, please do so for unicef and no other reason because there is no other reason, really.

Do you have any pets? Are they well-behaved? Have they ever ‘saved’ you?

9 thoughts on “No Gisele, just no, I will not survive!

  1. I think mine would just snuggle up next to me. So, at least I’d have company?
    She’s pretty well behaved. Moreso now that she’s older.

  2. That is so funny! And such a touching story. Rick and I have Macy (our red lab) who “saved” us from our unbelievable grief when we lost Cuervo (our yellow lab) 8 years ago. But if I fell I am pretty sure she would run off and chase rabbits and squirrels while completely forgetting about me.

    • Don’t feel bad, we’re in the same boat. My dogs would choose a squirrel, bunny, turltle, cat, (or even a housefly in Hank’s case), over me any day! 🙂

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