Keep your shoes happy challenge and who is Mr. Robby Benson?

I saw another turtle on my run this morning, this time a Gopher Turtle and he was quite large. I did take a picture and I’m sorry, but it’s a little blurry. The hazards of photography and running, I guess.

Gopher Turtle

I managed to get in 5 miles this morning with a little break in the middle because I ran into a friend of mine in the park. I haven’t seen her in a very long time so I had to stop for a bit and catch up. I resumed running as soon as I we caught up so I’m pretty happy about that, five miles before 8am, boom!

MacGyver and I have to keep track of lots of expenditures for tax purposes because we are both self-employed. Last week I was adding up some mileage and just out of curiosity, I decided to add up my running totals for a year and my driving totals for a year.

Guess what…..

I ran exactly 22.4 miles more than I drove in a year! SERIOUSLY!

Race Sign Funny

Mind you, I work from home and I only counted my driving time, not passenger time but I think that’s still pretty damn good. Okay, actually, I think it’s ah-mazing!

You know what’s coming next, don’t you? I’ve decided to make this a monthly challenge and I’d like you to join me. Are you in?

Well then, just keep track of how much you drive versus how much you run, bike and/or walk and use your legs more than your car! That’s it, that’s all you have to do!

Make your shoes happy challenge

And then come back here and tell me about your progress of course because I wanna know!

Last thing today, have y’all seen the documentary Mortified Nation? No? Really? Well, Mortified Nation is a documentary that films at several different locations throughout the United States. It’s like a comedy show except that instead of a comedian, you’re watching random strangers who read from their childhood diaries. The result is a hilarious cacophony of laughter. Trust me when I tell you, it’s hilarious. Here’s a tiny excerpt, you HAVE to watch this, it will make your Tuesday way better, I promise, just watch it.



Well, after watching the show, I decided I should put it all out there and go ahead and share with the nation for the very first time a letter that I wrote as a child and have kept hidden away in a photo album for years. But to fully understand the situation I’ll have to give you a little background info.

First, I was a strange child, much like the adult I am today. I loved movies and for some reason my crushes were almost always on older men. Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Elvis Presley, Armand Assante, (I don’t even know where that one came from), Gregory Peck and of course Mr. Robby Benson. I have no idea why, but I found them all much more handsome than any of the boys in my class.

In Elementary school we had an assignment in English class. We had to put together a scrap-book of our favorite movie stars or a singer or someone who you idolized. It could be anyone but somewhere in the scrapbook you had to write a letter and tell them why you liked them and what they meant to you. Of course I took full advantage of the opportunity and I chose Mr. Robby Benson, which helped to make me the target of some pretty intense teasing. For some reason I kept that letter from the scrapbook and now it’s my turn to get mortified as I share it with you.

Dear Mr. Robby Benson,

I saw you in a movie called Ode to Billy Joe when I was in a hotel room. We were on vacation and I don’t get those channels so I don’t know how to find you on my TV at home. It’s okay because I watch the Brady Bunch but I wanted to tell you that I have a big crush on you and I think you’re so cute. My friends said you are old and the movie is old and old movies are stupid but I don’t care because it’s okay. You are so cute. How old are you and are you a dad yet or still a boy?

My teacher is making us write a letter for our scrapbooks and she said if she can find the addresses for the people we choose then she will send the letters to them. I hope she finds your address first since you are kind of old and not so popular.

I know that girls can marry old men and I have proof that it’s true so please write me back, okay?


Your number one fan for life

Yeah, not sure how I had proof that old men and girls can marry but the worst part is, I got a C minus. The teacher said I didn’t follow the directions and I didn’t tell her why Mr. Robby Benson meant so much to me and that ‘cute’ is not a reason to like someone. I found out years later that Robby Benson is an avid runner so Bitch please, suck it!

Peace! One Love!

And now it’s your turn, get mortified, tell me yours….a diary entry, a story, whatever you got….make me laugh!

And, are you going to join me in the ‘Keep your shoes happy’ challenge?

12 thoughts on “Keep your shoes happy challenge and who is Mr. Robby Benson?

  1. Hi! I just found your blog via Hungry Runner Girl and wanted to drop in since I’m a sunny Florida runner dealing with 90 degree weather too… and just think it’s not even *that* bad yet since it’s only May!

    Your teacher was silly, “cute” is definitely a reason to like someone!

    • I agree, cute has ALWAYS been a good reason 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, here’s hoping we get a cold spell and maybe an 82 degree day? probably not but we can hope 🙂

  2. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Robby Benson letter! Made me laugh outloud. I hope somehow,someway he can read this. It will truly make his day I’m sure. It made mine. 🙂

    • That would be pretty awesome if he could somehow see it…although I cringe at the thought that I called him ‘old and unpopular’, let’s hope he wouldn’t hold that against me! 🙂

  3. I’m up for the challenge! I might forget to track my driving miles so tomorrow I’ll write down what the mileage is on my truck then do the math later.

    I don’t see way you got a c minus on that letter! Sounds like something I would’ve written Haha!
    Confession: I STILL write in a journal.. -_-

    • Oh, yay, I write in a journal too! See, sisters from another Mother. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how well you do on the challenge, I think you’ll kill it 😉

  4. Bwahahahaha! You made me spit out my drink! “or still a boy?…” classic! Hey btw, how is the back? Did you end up getting a ball to sit on?!

    • No ball but I’m still looking, it takes me ages to make a decision. However, I am working at a makeshift standup desk. It works for now but I’m still planning on getting the ball..:)

  5. Awesome letter, Flower! Didn’t Robby also make a movie called “Running Brave”, while we’re on the running subject? Co-incidentally, I’m home sick today and am working on my “work mileage” (how many kms. I put on my car for work) and it usually averages to just under 400 for the month. Hard to run that much, lol! Even the mileage to GET to work would do me in!

    • He may have been in Running Brave but I found it to be a funny coincidence that he’s a runner and has a heart valve issue just like me. Of course I didn’t know that when I was a wee girl writing letters to an old man but go figure, haha! 🙂

      You can use walking and bike mileage for the challenge too and a pedometer to track all of your mileage. You may not beat your driving time but you can see how close you can come?? Do it! 🙂

  6. um yeah…. HI LARIOUS!
    I need to check out the entire documentary. So funny.

    thank you for making my Tuesday!

    • So welcome! It’s one of my favorites, and if they ever come to Tampa, I’m totally auditioning! I’ve got material to rock the socks off just about anyone…that’s probably not a good thing, hehe

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