I’m in hot, humid, hangry hell!

This morning I ran/walked 4 miles. It is already ridiculously hot here and this morning it was 77 degrees when I left, couple that with a dew point of over 70 and you’ve got yourself some mighty fine stickiness!

It was a hot mess!

Running in heat

Temperature, dew point and relative humidity have a large impact on your running. Despite that fact that there was a nice breeze this morning, once I started running, the air felt so thick that it was almost hard to breathe. That’s about the time I decided the smart thing to do would be to run/walk. If you’ve ever wondered how much of an impact heat and humidity have on your running, take a look at this chart from runners world.

heat and humidity and running

That about sums it up! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I live in Florida where heat and humidity are the norm and you sort of get used to it, sort of.

Running is evil


Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it on the blog before but I have food allergies and some food sensitivities and I’ve had a lot of trouble with my stomach in the past. Anyway, I have to keep a food diary so that it’s easy to determine which foods are problematic for me and sometimes I have to adjust my diet. The reason I’m telling you this is so that you understand changing ANYTHING makes me cranky but changing my diet or cutting out a food I love makes me downright mean.

No dieting ever

Yesterday, I had to go to Wal-Mart to get some food staples because I was out of EVERYTHING and I was hungry and deprived of chocolate. Wal-Mart was not the place to be at that particular time! I’m pretty sure when I get arrested for an assault, it will happen in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Assualt ecardHow do you cope with the heat and humidity in the summer?

Does it affect your running?

Do you get hangry when you don’t eat at a certain time?

17 thoughts on “I’m in hot, humid, hangry hell!

    • I’ve run in Virginia in the summer and it was pretty brutal too but unfortunately we get that about 9 or 10 months out of the year. I gotta say though, in January, I love it! 🙂

  1. Flower I’m soooo sad and need words of wisdom! The chiropractor just banned me from running ( or any exercise) until I see him again. I hurt my back running an 8 miler Friday am ( one of those slow, hot, legs feel like lead pipes), but kept on running. Major pain in my lower back later that day, so I iced and rested, got up Sat. Am and ran the HOG HUSTLE and did well ( 1st in age group) THEN pain Saturday night…. Rested Sunday ( no running), better Monday am so I ran 8 ….then BAM…. Major back pain….again, ice, rest…..no running Tuesday, felt better this am so I ran 6….. Can’t bend over now :(. …..So a chiropractor visit after school ….. No real diagnosis yes, just lots of inflammation and swelling…..I know you can relate!,,,, how did you cope mentally and physically with no running?

    • Oh no! I am soooooo sorry to hear this! Please let me know what the chiropractor says. In the meantime, read up on anti-inflammatory foods, just trust me on that one. Also, Hal Higdon’s How to beat your time, every time. Since you’re already up there this might be impossible but it will give you motivation to get back out there when you can, (congrats on 1st place ag, that’s stellar). Whatever you do, DONT RUN. It could be a bulging disc or anything, and if you need a walking partner or wanna go do a yoga class CALL ME! I’m your girl! Hang in there. Stay positive and call me if you need anything, okay? Sending all the best healing vibes your way……..

    • Well anytime you wanna take a vacation in Florida you let me know and I’ll personally show you around 🙂 (I even know where the coolest (meaning temperature) places are to run.)

  2. With our hip issues and food issues, we could be sisters (I am blonde, too!). Yes, running when it is hot/humid is awful. Don’t deal with that in Colorado so much but I ran in when we were in the FL Keys last year….thought I was going to die. I didn’t enjoy that 3 miles at all. Wow. I didn’t realize I had the ability to completely soak my underwear without having an accident!

    I get super hangry if I don’t eat 6 x per day! I carry snacks with me when we travel so I can cope!

    I am doing the food diary thing right now because my stomach acted up. I am on a Rx for a week but also noticed that now onions & garlic are triggers 🙁 I love onions & garlic but maybe those around me will be happy when I eliminate them from my diet.

    Good luck!!

    • I’m so jealous you get to run in Colorado, I’ve always wanted to run there, so pretty! I’d probably die from the altitude though, 😉

      Sorry to hear your having food issues too and yes, we could definitely be sisters. My irritants are wheat, chocolate and dairy, pretty much my freaking staples! I went to the store today to buy a ton G-free things and I’m trying my best to follow a strict diet but I must admit…I’m sort of a cheater when it comes to chocolate 🙁

      • Colorado is amazing! I don’t love when it’s winter and the snow/ice keep me indoors but I do love our weather. Our summers, falls and springs are lovely (well, we get spring snow but it is here one day and gone the next). I am so used to running at ~5200 feet it doesn’t bother me. That is why I love to run at sea level. Feels so easy. But not when it’s so so hot/humid!!

        My triggers are wheat, dairy, garlic, onions, gum but THANK GOD not chocolate. And I am a big baby when I can’t eat what I want to eat.

        Good news: wine does not bother me!

          • I love me some cranberry juice & vodka. You are in Clearwater Beach? I love that area and if we go back, you will be contacted for a run followed by non trigger foods and plenty of non trigger alcohol! Love it!

  3. How do you cope with the heat and humidity in the summer? Being a Floridian like you I deal with it through Gatorade and jumping into the pool after a run.

    Does it affect your running? That chart makes sense to me. I know in July and August I’m a lot slower than I am in Feb or Jan.

    Do you get hangry when you don’t eat at a certain time? Yes I’m a creature of habit.

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