If you believe that, I’ve got some Swampland in Florida to sell ya ;)

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. Mine is. I ran 5.5 miles this morning and every hill I could find because I like eating hills for breakfast, it just hits the spot. You should try it too, just trust me. If you want to get faster….eat some hills!

This weekend we went to the cabin. It was pretty fun. If you follow me on instagram like all the cool kids are doing, then you may have seen some of my pictures. I’m going to post some here too but if you want to see them all, you probably need to join the cool kids and follow me on instagram, just sayin.

instagram followers


Unfortunately, I’m not going to repost my drunk tweets so if you don’t follow me on twitter, you missed out. You probably should though because when I tweet, I tweet to kill.

Jesus Tweets

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I found this hilarious…


We left for the cabin very early on Saturday, around 5am. Once we got into Ponciana the sun had just started to rise and it was just in time to see the hot air balloons take off.

HOt Air Balloons

We arrived at the cabin around 8:30am and MacGyver got to work mowing the grass with Frakenmower while I got to work setting up my lounge chair because I got priorities you know.

Cabin life, Holopaw, Florida

And then, I picked these:


They grow wild all over the property and I love them but they are prickly as all hell so it’s kind of a bitch to pick them and I never pick more than a handful because that’s about the point the blood is more than the amount of blackberries.

MacGyver put in a sink for me this weekend so I don’t have to use this thing all the time:

pitcher pump

It’s fun for about 10 minutes and then I’m over the Little House on the Prairie crap.

After getting some things done, we went shooting for a bit…Hank really want to shoot the new AR15’s but we told him no.

Dachshund shoots

And then it was off to ride. We headed out to the North Swamp first and then drove out to South Beach. It was crazy dusty, but fun. I rode the first time in my asics. I would not recommend this.

Riding in Asics

Suburban Estates is in Holopaw and 30 miles west of Melbourne. We have 3 acres but there are over 10,000 acres of recreational land. Back in the 60’s this land was sold off to unsuspecting buyers who were promised “vacation property in Florida” and “paradise close to Disney.” Most of this property was swampland and impossible to build on since some of it is under water a large part of the year, hence the joke, if you believe that, I’ve got some swampland in Florida to sell you.

We were lucky enough to get 3 acres in a dry area for a great price but if you’ve ever wondered what Florida swampland looks like, you’re welcome…

Suburban Estates

Muddin in Holopaw

Florida Swampland

And in case you wonder about the whole ATV muddin thing….heres a few short videos I took while MacGyver was driving.

It was crazy hot out there this weekend and after riding and shooting I might have drunk a bit too much wine and ate too much chocolate. Might have, that’s all I’m sayin. There is no photographic evidence, it has all been destroyed.

The next day was pretty much more of the same…it wears you out, just look how exhausted little Hank was:

hank sleeping on me

You better be looking at the dog and not my boobs!

On the way home, I took the obligatory picture of the best roadside attraction EVER:

Airstream AttractionAnd that was my weekend. We got home around 8pm on Sunday nite. The kid bought me some awesome gifts for Mother’s Day and since he wasn’t able to come to the Cabin with us, we are going to dinner tonite. I am pretty lucky to have such an awesome son.

After showering and cleaning up I watched Rosemary’s Baby last night. I was really looking forward to it and maybe I was just tired but my impression so far was just meh.

Did you watch Rosemary’s baby?

Did you like it?

What did you do this weekend?

4 thoughts on “If you believe that, I’ve got some Swampland in Florida to sell ya ;)

  1. So jealous you can pick your own blackberries! I hope to be able to do that soemday! i LOVE those pics at the start too, hilarious!!!!!!!! ATV-ing looks like fun! All I did was relax and run!

  2. Epic post! I spit out my damn drink on the 12 followers pic! Bwahahahaha. Loved the IG pics this weekend. Man, coming from hawaii to AZ, I never thought I’d “know” a real life swamp person! lol… I’ve been sheltered for 40 years!

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