Happy Friday peeps! Here’s 5 things…

Thing 1 – This morning I did an hour of run/walk intervals on the treadmill, because it’s raining here. Ordinarily, I’d love to run in the rain but once I saw the first lightning strike, I decided to make peace with the treadmill instead, and so it was. 5.15 miles, (really slow miles) with quite a bit of walking, but I got it done. I won’t lie it was hard, although I used to be a big fan of the treadmill, not so much anymore. But when my inner voice said quit, quit, QUIT, I said:

Gurl Please

Bitch I'm gonna stop you

I Got this! I GOT THIS!

Thing 2 – Have y’all seen this? The one where the runner guy takes his runner girlfriend out on a long run and then when they finish he shows her the GPS data, and it looks like this:

Running Proposal

That’s stellar!

Thing 3 – This is a great video I’ve been using to help with my form. It’s pretty awesome and you should try it. Besides anyone who runs a sub 2:20 marathon can probably teach us a little something, don’t you think?

Thing 4 – Lauren Fleshman on the cover of the latest Runners World Magazine. Holy Abs woman, she looks amazing and you really need to read her article, “Why the 5K is freaking awesome”. She’s not only strong and sexy, she’s incredibly intelligent and I just love her. I might have to make her the focus of Woman Crush Wednesday….

Thing 5 This talking dog video:

Now go out there and have a fantastic weekend, run, laugh, have fun, and stay safe and tell me something random about your week, Go!

8 thoughts on “Happy Friday peeps! Here’s 5 things…

  1. I’m in Lake Wales to do a 5k at Bok Tower. I’ve been wanting to check the gardens out for awhile but the drive stopped me (I think west of 95 is western Florida ;-). I stay close when travel requires driving).
    Too bad I can’t sleep…

    • Sleeping is overrated, haha. Good luck in your 5K, it sounds like fun,I havent been to Bok Tower but I’ve heard the gardens are beautiful. We are supposed to head to Holopaw today which is about 30 miles from Melbourne but its raining so hard we may have to cancel…..

  2. That marry me thing is AMAZING! WOW! How creative! I love it!!!! Have not checked out the runners world yet, but Lauren is a great athlete, and definitely inspiring in the running world. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love that story and how he proposed! That is amazing. I laugh at some of the pictures my routes make on my GPS. Think immature thoughts and then you get the idea…..

    Thanks for the video on form. Working on mine very hard. Trying to keep neutral spine to avoid my pelvic tilt I always seem to carry.

    • LOL, mine look pretty funny as well. That video on running form has been helping me tremendously, I hope it helps you too 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for sharing today!!! I love the running video. Also, do you know how many miles it took him to spell Marry me?! Running the OC half marathon this weekend!

    Something random this week. I found that I look good in compression pants =)

    Stay blessed!

    • All I know is I’m glad it wasn’t me getting the proposal cause I would have gotten so pissed off by the turns and twists and I would have probably went my own way and ruined the whole darn thing. Good luck at the OC Half, I’ve heard it’s a fun one! And please send pictures of the compression, we all want to see 😉

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