Charlie the tuna tried to off me last night…

Good Morning, or is it? I’m still half asleep. Partly because I took a Dramamine at 4am but mostly because I threw up for 3 hours until I took the Dramamine. The reason: Canned Tuna. Canned Tuna is evil.

I know this because, counting last night, this is the third time in a row that I have gotten sick from eating canned tuna. Yes, it took me three times in a row to figure out that I obviously have some sort of intolerance to it because I’m real smart like that, but canned tuna is now gone from my life. NBD, I was never a huge fan anyway, it was only for convenience. RIP little canned tuna, RIP.

canned tuna

I had a few good runs so far this week. Tuesday and Wednesday I plowed out 5 miles each morning with a few little hills and bridges and then last night I went for an 8 mile walk with friends. I’m taking this morning off, mainly because I have a ton of work to catch up on thanks to jury duty. And also, because I’m tired and I’d rather have an hour nap later than to run around the neighborhood feeling and looking like a zombie, although that might be really fun. Yes, I kind of like that idea.


I finally broke down and made an appointment with a doctor to have some official allergy testing done. I’ve already partially done her job since I’ve identified canned tuna but at least I’ll know once and for all what my other allergies are.

Because the tests are more accurate if you’ve actually consumed some of the offending foods, I had no choice but to break down and eat a cannoli last night, strictly for scientific purposes. This was also the reason it was impossible for me to share any of it, or at least that’s what I told everyone while I ate every single bite of it, by myself.

out of control

Oddly enough I did not wake up sneezing which is usually the case after eating anything with some sort of wheat product in it but maybe that’s because when I threw up the tuna sandwich, the canolli and anything else I’d eaten that day came up with it. I wish I had some awesome graphics for you but I didn’t have a camera at my side when the incident occurred. Instead I found this graphic, which is equally disturbing.


Miley Tongue

You’re Welcome.

I also stumbled across this little gem of a video and oddly enough the only thought I had after watching it was do they actually train for this? If you have a few seconds, watch it and let me know what you think.


My appointment with the doctor is tomorrow afternoon but I’m sort of curious how long it takes to get the results back. Has anyone else been tested for food allergies? If you have I’d love to know how it worked out for you and how long you had to wait for your results. I’ve heard mixed things so I’m pretty darned curious.

Are you allergic to any foods?

Have you ever had a problem eating canned tuna fish?

12 thoughts on “Charlie the tuna tried to off me last night…

  1. I think I’m allergic to some fruits. Bananas used to KILL me but the more I made myself eat them they don’t bother me at all now! haha. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. Also, Apples used to make my tongue & mouth itch like crazy. & Kiwi still feels like it’s burning a hole in my stomach. It must be genetic cause my sister has similar problems. Mangoes make her mouth break out in almost pimple like things. It’s all strange.

    • That’s almost exactly what happened to me, except when I first tried it (and lobster) I could eat it and loved it, for about 3 years and then boom, off to the hospital. 🙁

    • True, at any age really. I’ve gotten most of the results back and it was scary, I’ll be posting soon….have a great weekend!

  2. Good luck! My friend’s 10 yr old was just tested. He loves to eat anything but has constant sinus & other problems. It turns out he is allergic to eggs and has other “food sensitivities”. Looking forward to hearing how is is faring once he avoids these things for a few months.

  3. I have been tested for other allergies (grass, pollen, etc) and I got my results within a week. Basically allergic to everything and did allergy shots for 6 years (but still take Zyrtec every day). I am not “allergic” to any food but have sensitivities. I know if I eat certain foods, I will not be happy (but luckily nothing comes back up, just a tummy ache).

    Good luck and keep us posted!!

  4. Are they doing the skin prick test? If so, they’ll see the results almost right away. Make sure they clean your back (or wherever they test you) off with rubbing alcohol or you’ll be itching like crazy. If it it’s the blood test, I think it takes a couple of days to get the results. Do you react the same way to tuna no matter what it’s packed in? Some is packed an oil and some with water. Maybe you’re reacting to the oil and not the tuna itself. Just a thought. I’m glad Charlie didn’t really off you. 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a blood test. I’ve had the prick test before for things like pollen and grass and things but I don’t think that they ever tested for food. And with Tuna, I had it in oil the first time and the next two times in water, same reaction. I have never thrown up so much in my life, Charlie is a beast! 😉 I did read somewhere that people with shellfish allergies could possibly be allergic to tuna as well but I’ve been allergic to shellfish forever and this one just started in the last year.

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