Breakfast: 5 miles with a side of hills, and jury duty!

Hey, hey, hey!

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA, but I’m back now and I have a lot of things to tell you about so let’s get started.

But first, let me just say that for breakfast, I ate 5 miles with a side of hills and I am so full! It was very safisfying 🙂

Last Friday we headed down to Venice for the weekend. A good friend ours is in town from Vermont so we brought him along with us. If you follow me on instagram you got a rare treat this weekend because instead of drunk tweets you got some awesomely blurry pics and for that, you’re welcome.

Me and Johnny at Pop's

MacGyver and Johnny

I went down before the guys and they met me there a few hours (and maybe a few glasses of wine) later. We decided to hit up Pops for dinner. Pops is a pretty cool place for the ambiance. You can sit outside around a fire table and there’s a band. The food is good but I wouldn’t say it’s the best in town so that’s that.


On Saturday morning I got up and ran on the Legacy Trail, 5 miles in 48 and some change. It was a good run and I thoroughly enjoyed it especially because I had to stop twice for a light and I still managed to finish in with a 9:43 average.

Running on the Trail

After I finished my run we headed out on the boat and while I’d love to tell you it was awesome and we had a blast that was not exactly the case. We did have fun but the impeller went out on the boat so most of the time on the water was spent getting rescued and towed back in.

on the boat

Saturday afternoon the guys spent several hours fixing the boat and got it repaired just in time to head out for the drum circle and to watch the sunset. It was beautiful and we tooled around for a while before heading back in around 10pm.


On Sunday I got up early and hit the trail for another 5 miles. I changed the route up a bit on Sunday and got a good incline in there from the 41 bridge. It wasn’t a quick run but it was a good one, and afterwards we headed out on the boat again where we spent the next several hours soaking up the sun and attempting to fish, we failed at the later, which meant we had to hit up Left Coast Seafood Co. for dinner.

leftcoast seafood co.

I didn’t mind.

And that brings us to yesterday where I spent the entire day performing a civic duty.

Jury Duty Yes, that kind.

I’ve been called for jury duty many times and I’ve been chosen a few as well. It’s not something I particularly like to do but I do believe everyone should serve at least once. It’s important to know the process and to understand how our legal system works and regardless of whether it’s a civil or a criminal trial, a juror is a key component to ensuring the process works correctly.

Yesterday, I realized there are primarily 3 types of people at jury duty. The newbie’s who have never been called before and may not necessarily like the fact that they’ve had to miss work or school or something else to be there but would like to be chosen just so they can participate and see how the system works.

Then there are the people who’ve been called before and are already familiar with the process, the repeaters. They aren’t really all that thrilled to be there and you can tell. These are the people who have come prepared, with Ipads and laptops and even chargers for said electronic devices. In my experience half of these people will be asked to serve and half will be dismissed at which point they usually fist pump or high-five someone.

And that brings me to the last category, the crime solvers. These are the people who have either retired or work part-time and spend the majority of their spare time watching CSI, NCIS and Law and Order. In fact, they watch so many of these crime shows that it’s become their new career and they want to put all that knowledge to use. They want to serve on a jury and hear all the details and figure out ‘who done it’. Even if they don’t get a criminal trial these people are amped and they want to be chosen, and typically, they are not.

When I lose control and throat punch someone in the Wal-Mart and I get my first assault charge, I really hope I get repeaters for jurors. I’m pretty sure they’ll do the best job and I know they’ll understand my frustration.

After Jury duty, I drove down to the water in Sarasota and took a few pics of my favorite statue, it’s pretty cool.

Sarasota Statue on Beach

I’ve only ever drove by that statue and have no idea why it’s there, but I really like it. If you are familiar with it and know why it’s there, please tell me. I’d like details because apparently I’m too lazy to get out of my car and actually try to find out.

Afterwards, I went to Trader Joe’s, drove back to Venice and picked up the dogs and then drove back to Clearwater, because I’m just crazy like that.

Trader Joes

Hank the dachshund

So now you know why I’ve been MIA and you’re all caught up, if you actually cared that is.

Have you ever been called for jury duty?

6 thoughts on “Breakfast: 5 miles with a side of hills, and jury duty!

  1. I was called to jury duty once or twice.. one time I got out of it because I knew the guy on trial. I went to highschool with him..he was on trial for murder..yep. crazy stuff.

    I’ve been wanting to try some hills lately but we live in the central valley of California… would bleachers or stairs be similar to running hills?

    • Wow, that’s crazy! I don’t think anyone I went to school with ever did anything too bad but that would just freak me out!

      Bleachers and stairs are very similar to hills…my hills are actually mostly bridges, hehe. 😉

  2. I’ve been called three times (3 states) and served once on 2 juries (back to back). It’s the waiting around to see if you’re picked that I’m not fond of.

  3. I’ve received letters where I had to call the night before to see if my number was picked, but so far it hasn’t been (insert virtual fist bump).

    Your dinner from Left Coast Seafood looks delicious!

    • LOL, I think once they pick you it’s a regular occurance so it might not be a bad thing that they havent picked you yet 😉

      Left Coast Seafood is awesome, if you are ever in Venice, you really need to go there, in fact, I’ll take you…after we go running 🙂

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