And all the dogs shall dance!

No running for me today. It’s my day off. Oh, and also, I was bad.

Bad as in, I know I shouldn’t do something and I did it anyway….let’s just say my stomach is sort of on fire today and I knew full well what was going to happen if I ate a certain something but I did it anyway.

bad girl

So, no running, but that doesn’t mean no exercise because I still have to take the dogs for a walk and if you don’t think that’s exercise, you have never walked my dogs, (or been anywhere near me whilst I walk my dogs.)

For the record, it looks nothing like this when I walk the dogs!  But this is a good picture to whore out some page views, don't you think?

For the record, it looks nothing like this when I walk the dogs but I put this in here for all the male readers…..You’re Welcome!

My dogs are what the experts call ‘dog reactive’ and Hank is the classic example. He gets this vehemence in his eyes and although I immediately tighten my grip on the leash and reprimand him, he becomes insolent. He sees the enemy and he’s going for the kill. He goes into full on attack mode. It doesn’t take long before Boomer joins in and they both pull me towards their victim.

Within a few feet of the intended victim Boomer immediately spins and sticks his ass right into the other dogs face briefly, before retreating. Hank, however, never retreats and I spend the next 10 minutes or so dragging him away from the other dog while he does something similar to this:

insane little doggie

He’s an angry little dog. Taking the dogs for a walk should be enjoyable. It should be fun. The dogs should enjoy it and I should enjoy it and it should probably be like this:

shopping cart dogs


But it isn’t.

And since in 4 years of walking together neither of my dogs seem to get it, I’m pretty sure they never will. It doesn’t matter what I try. Even Cesar Milan himself cannot train these dogs and that’s why, I’m switching up the program. Instead of walking for exercise where we risk interaction with other dogs, i.e. the enemy, I’m teaching my dogs to dance, that’s right dance, and all in the comfort of my home. My dogs are going to dance for exercise.

It can be done.

dancing dogs


Are your dogs ‘dog reactive’?

How do you handle it? Got any tips?

9 thoughts on “And all the dogs shall dance!

  1. I have a pit bull named Gemma. She’s a puppy (10 months) and we got her three months ago and at first, walks with her were INSANE. She’s not angry, she’s just EXCITED. Look! There’s a squirrel! Bunny! PEOPLE!

    We’ve been working really hard on getting her to stay directly on our left side. With our old dog we worked with a trainer that said to get a spoon with a long handle and put peanut butter on the spoon, leading the dog immediately next to you. Of course, I feel like the biggest silly goose walking around my neighborhood like that! So instead I bring the bag of treats and just reward like crazy while she’s immediately next to me, looking to me instead of pulling on the leash.

    I’ve heard that some people do great with the Gentle Leader collar. We have one but haven’t introduced it yet. I want to eventually be able to take her on runs with me so having her not trip me would be an awesome thing. 😉

    • I love the peanut butter idea and I have tried the treats. The treats work awesome for Boomer my lab but the dachshund is not food motivated, hmmmmm, maybe if I could get a female dog in heat scented biscuit, it would work! 🙂

  2. Our dog is very “dog reactive”. She’s actually “anything that moves” reactive… she kills bees, flies and lizards for crying out loud!
    But she’s a good dog. 🙂

    • My husband gets mad at me but I still kiss them and tell them I love them constantly, even after they almost kill me.

  3. I used to have a dog that was “dog reactive” but I ended up giving him to my neighbor. He really seems to like his new home. 😉

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