Saturday Shameless Selfie Post

Happy Saturday! Hope yours is going well. I’ve already finished my run and I’m getting ready to do some yard work cause that’s how we roll around here. But since I’m not doing anything super exciting like this guy this weekend, I thought I needed something really stellar to grab your attention, something seriously worthy of your time.

And then it occurred to me, I should bombard you with a shameless selfie Saturday post!

So, here we go….

Yesterday I took a selfie in the bathroom because every good running blog needs an obligatory bathroom selfie, right?

Bathroom Selfie

And then, because I felt like you needed to see that I’m a crazy dog lady, I took selfie’s with both of the dogs.

Me and Hank

Hank looks like he is more interested in what’s going on outside the window because he is. Boomer, on the other hand, just wants to lick my face off!

Boomer and Mommy

After taking selfie’s all day I was exhausted. So exhausted in fact that I couldn’t even summon the strength to cook dinner. Selfie’s are hard y’all. First you have to take a gazillion pictures and then you have to delete a billion until you find the one that actually looks decent. I just don’t know how anyone does it. Fortunately, MacGyver came to the rescue and took me out to dinner. Carrabba’s, here we come….MacGyver also took over with the selfie’s because I was just too tired.

My first glass of wine

Unfortunately that was only my first glass of wine….more were to follow…..and then MacGyver and I got really crazy and went to Aldi for a few groceries. Have you ever went grocery shopping with a little buzz? Yeah, I’m not gonna recommend it. It’s hard to make good choices for food when alcohol is involved…and that’s all I have to say about that.

I woke up at 5:30am ready for my long run this morning. Here’s another bathroom selfie because, you know, we have 2 bathrooms so why not?

Another bathroom selfie

I think it’s important to note that my outfit matches my shoes perfectly and I totally did not plan that….okay I did, but still, that’s skill!

I wasn’t counting on a hangover or dehydration upon waking this morning, but that’s what I got, hence my run wasn’t the greatest. It was only 8 miles and I walked most of the last 2 and a half but I got it done. And I also took the obligatory trail selfie:

Running Trail Selfie

The, ‘I’m so smart, I’m wearing a hydration belt’ selfie:

hydration belt selfie

The all too common, but never boring, shoe selfie:

shoe selfie

Not to be out-done by the ever so exciting legs and shoes in action selfie:

running selfie

And I am ending the shameless selfie post with the obligatory, yet much-needed, Garmin Forerunner 620 Selfie:

Garmin Selfie

And there you have it. No animals were harmed during the making of this post and no free shit was provided despite my obvious product placement.

How do you feel about selfie’s?

How to take out a mailbox at a 6:43 pace and new shoes.

This morning was my speed development workout and I loved it! Don’t get me wrong it was pretty hard and I didn’t do the entire workout as it was originally planned, but I got really, really close, and my max speed was 6:43! Now, if I could just hold that pace for an entire mile, well then, wouldn’t that be sweet? You bet your ass it would!

Spped Work Rocks

I usually do speed development on the treadmill because it’s easier to see when I need to speed up, slow down, etc but I wanted to do it outside on a normal route with typical terrain. I wouldn’t recommend that unless you really know the route well.

It’s a little difficult to run full speed and also to keep looking down at your Garmin to see when you need to slow down. You could actually run into a parked car or a mailbox…not that I would know or anything. (FYI: It is possible for a 115 lb female to knock over a mailbox and the post with just her body, rendering it completely useless, I assure you, it is.)

mailbox down

(In order to protect the not-so-innocent, this is not the actual mailbox…)

Other than a little scrap on my right hip, there is no proof, well unless you count the city worker that watched me from his truck, but he won’t say anything because I’m pretty sure I provided him with comic relief for the entire year.

Fortunately I didn’t run into anything else before I was finished. I did trip over the curb while avoiding a peacock towards the end of the run but that doesn’t count because that’s pretty much a daily occurrence and I like to think I handle it with a little more grace every time. Pretty soon it won’t even look like a trip it will look more like this:


What? I can be that graceful!

Remember on Tuesday when I told you about the Brooks PureFlow 2’s that were on sale? Well, guess what showed up this morning?

Brooks PureFlow 2's

YES! New shoes are the best thing ever and I am so stoked that they got here already AND before MacGyver got home. Not that he thinks I have a problem with shopping or anything but he’s still making fun of me over my self-imposed Groupon ban that lasted all of 20 minutes. Regardless, this day is turning out pretty good so far…

So, what’s on your agenda for the weekend? Long Run? Race? C’mon, leave me a comment. We’re staying home this weekend so I need to live vicariously through you!

What ya got planned?

Marathon Runners VS Sprinters

I ran 6 miles around my neighborhood and through the park this morning. I wanted to run some yasso 800’s but it was ridiculously hot so I played it safe and just ran some hills instead. When it’s really hot and humid in the summertime I often run hills. It’s a great alternative to yasso 800’s and 400 repeats because they tend to dehydrate me quicker than hills do and I’m unable to complete the full workout. And in case you didn’t know it, hills ARE a form of speed work and they will help you get faster. The trick is finding hills in Florida! That my friends is almost impossible, but I have my bridges sources….

A few months ago when I was dealing with the hip injury I had to re-evaluate my racing schedule as well as my training and I made some pretty big decisions. I love long races but I also want to get faster. Pre-injury I ran some 5K’s with a mid 8 average and I’d really like to improve that.

I’ve always been more of a distance girl. I prefer long runs and long races, I don’t know why really, I just do. Unfortunately I live in Florida and typically I do most of my races here. That means most of my long races (half marathons and longer) are run from the end of October until the first few weeks of April. Last year, I packed a lot of half marathons into a very short period of time and I even had to cancel a full marathon due to my schedule. I was on track to make the very same mistake this year and then, shocker, I got injured, hence, the training and schedule changes. It’s just not good for me to schedule so many races so close together.

One of the things I did when I was injured was to grow a brain was to research strength training and ways to get stronger and faster but what kept coming up in the searches were pictures like this one:

Marathon Runner vs Sprinter

And this one:

Sprinter and Marathoner

At first I was offended because anyone who knows even the slightest thing about running knows that marathon runners and sprinters are two totally different athletes so of course their bodies are different. And also I believe that they’ve used some of the worst pictures possible for these comparisons. There are quite a few distance runners out there, (especially Kara Goucher and Lauren Fleshman), who have very nice bodies and lots of muscle.

But then I started wondering if it were possible to train for endurance but also to train like a sprinter, and if so, would it make me faster and would I get better results?

And that lead me to change my whole focus. Of course I wanted to get faster, who doesn’t, but I also wanted more muscle. And so, I’ve been training with this new focus for the last few weeks and so far I’m pretty happy with the results.

What I’m doing now that I didn’t do before is incorporating some weight training and some basic crossfit but the most important thing is speed development. Speed development is not the same thing as speed training or speed work but don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Speed work is running hills, 400 repeats, yasso 800’s and the like. Speed development is training at your absolute fastest possible pace for a short period of time with a complete recovery in between. What speed development does is to help you run faster and farther with less effort and using less energy.

I’ve also started incorporating very light weight training with some basic crossfit exercises that I can easily do at home in a short amount of time. I really hate to admit this, but I’m liking the results, a lot.

I do my speed development training on Fridays and my crossfit is a 20 minute session 4 times a week. Although I’ve had to alter it a few times due to my work schedule and well, life, here is what my current training looks like for those of you who are interested:

Monday: 5-6 Mile run, Easy Pace – 20 minutes crossfit

Tuesday: 20 minutes crossfit

Wednesday: 6 Miles, hills or 8X 800 repeats with jogging in between.

Thursday: 6 Miles – 20 minutes crossfit

Friday: Speed Development

1 Mile Warm Up

3X 150M at 90% effort with complete recovery in between, (2-3 minutes)

6X 50M at 100% effort with complete recovery in between, (2-3 minutes)

3X 200M at 85% effort with complete recovery in between, (2-3 minutes)

1 Mile cool down

Saturday: Long, slow run 8+ miles – 20 minutes crossfit

Sunday: Easy run 4-6 miles at recovery pace.

I have 2 crossfit routines that I’ve been using and I like both of them the same but I like to mix it up so that I don’t get bored. I choose whichever one floats my boat or tickles my goat and here’s what those workouts look like:

Crossfit WOD

*Kb Swings are kettleball swings but sometimes I use a barbel. You can look up any of the Crossfit exercises on youtube if you want to know how to do them properly.

I’m really excited to see what the results are going to be. I’ll be posting my race schedule in the coming days and since I’m running some of the same races that I ran last year I’ll be able to track the results which makes my analytical, over-active brain all kinds of freaky happy!

Do you follow a training schedule?

Do you incorporate strength training or speed work?

What do you think about all the marathon vs sprinter images showing up lately?