What is a Yoga Fart?

About once a month I take a look at the search terms to see how people might have come to find my little Ole blog on these crazy Internets. Sometimes the results are funny, sometimes they’re predictable, sometimes they get serious and at other times, they are downright scary.

Instead of just telling you what those searches are, I’ve decided to handle it a bit differently. This time, I’m going to provide the answer to those searches in the hopes that if the original searcher happens to search again, boom, they will find the correct and most knowledgeable answer available.

So without further adieu, here’s what you little sicko’s are searching for this month and my responses.

Do you pee your pants while running?

Sometimes, yes. I pee my pants when I’m running. See: I live in Clearwater, my Uterus lives in Key West.

pee pants

Is a housewife’s work sedentary?

Well, I guess it is, if everything is remote control, but I have yet to locate something that will actually pick the laundry up off the floor and take it to the machine or clean the dishes from the table and put them in the dishwasher. If you have that machine, please send it to me for evaluation and review. Unfortunately, here at UpandHumming, we do not return items to their original owners, so I’ll need to keep said machine. Sorry, it’s policy.

Will running a half marathon make me half marathoner?

Maybe, if you finish but will reading a book make you smarter? Probably not.

What is cray cray?

Cray cray is crazy, but the crazier thing is why you searched it and found this blog, that’s totally cray!

What is a yoga fart?

I am pretty sure it’s the same as a regular fart but if you fart in yoga class, you should always say ‘Namastink’. Trust me on this one.

Yoga Fart

Pulling plants in ass

I just can’t even…what? Seriously? What the hell? And why here? I just don’t…Maybe you mean, pulling pranks in class or pulling in your ass while doing planks. no? Please call the therapist…and maybe your priest.

Why does my urine look like coca cola?

Why are you not calling the doctor would be a better question? Call one, NOW!

I love you, I love food.

Uh, this is awkward, but I like you and I do love food.

Is this a picture of me sweating you?

No. But this is:

Comment Fart

So what do you think? Should I make this feature a monthly regular on my blog?

What’s the funniest thing anyone ever searched for and landed on your blog?

Tell me a funny internet search story?

19 thoughts on “What is a Yoga Fart?

    • Done! Now, I just hope I get some really weird ones next month. Weird is the best, I’ll put out some really obscure post just to make sure like ‘riding tandem popsicles over the moon in China’, hehe.

    • I definitely thought about that but then that opens up a whole can of worms like, what sort of plants? What size plants? Flowering plants or vines? The possibilites are endless. Maybe the searcher will provide more clarification so I can properly answer the question. We can only hope….;)

  1. BAHAHAHAHHAHAH! You made me laugh so hard. I too am sometimes cray cray. Alas! And oh yoga farts can be deadly (especially when you are teaching)! Lol!

  2. Um, wow! That is crazy. I found you via a comment on HRG — when you mentioned bad hip I had to hear your story and compare your cranky hip with mine!

    I don’t blog but one time my dog was being sluggish so I googled “sluggish dog”. Well, that opened a can of worms! OMG, I still am Iike “why did I do that and what was I expecting to read?”.

    On a serious note: how ARE you doing? How is your hip? I am hoping the rest is treating you well.

    • I’m doing good…well, until I dropped a piece of marble on the top of my foot, long story but luckily nothing was broken. On a good note, the hip is getting better …but I’m sticking to my 2 weeks regardless of how good I feel. 🙂

      • I am sorry about your poor foot. Is that the one you also cut on the glass? I am HAPPY to hear about your hip. I promise the rest is worth it! I’ve still not run since 4/1 but have gotten in 2 walks with a few bursts of running here and there this week and so far so good. Trying not to get greedy. My body will tell me when it’s time to fully run again and so will yours. Only 10 more days and I know you can do it!!

        • I am counting down like a crazy woman! Thank you for being so supportive and I’m so glad you are able to walk and run a bit with no pain. You’ll be doing long runs before you know it 🙂

          Oh, and it is the same darn foot. It looks like the only part of my body that visited the meat grinder, Ha!

          • I know you can do it! And yes, I will be glad to getting back to running but since I don’t race or anything all I want to do is run 3-4 miles about 3 x per week. I fill in the other days with swimming, biking + weights. I think at 42 that is all my body will handle 🙂

          • 3-4 miles, 3 times a week would be awesome right now…but I know I need to rest…I’m determined to get back to at least 45 a week and I’ll be beyond happy 🙂

          • Wow, that is a lot. I am inspired by such good runners. I know with my build and my alignment issues, I am just blessed to run 10-15 miles per week 🙂 But we will both get there!!

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