Two awesome things about running

Two awesome things happened yesterday, The Boston Marathon and my first day back to running, post injury.

First let’s talk about the Boston Marathon. Meb Keflezighi was amazing and finished in 2:08:37. He looked strong throughout the entire thing in my opinion and I was wholly impressed. Rita Jeptoo won for the ladies after trailing Shalane Flanagan for most of the race. Jeptoo finished in 2:18:57 setting a course record for her third win.

One of the most interesting things about this year was that all four of the top female finishers broke the previous course record and I think it was in large part due to Shalane Flanagan who set a pace early on that forced everyone to bring their a game. It made for quite an exciting race and I enjoyed every minute of it.

And here is an interesting tidbit, did you know that all four of those finishers will also receive a $25,000 bonus for breaking the course record, in addition to the prize money? Not bad, huh?

I love the Boston Marathon as I think most runners do. When I first started running I soon became so in love with the sport and the Boston Marathon became one of my goals. In those early days, I wanted to run it for the simple reason that it seemed unobtainable without a ton of hard work and a lot of luck. The course is very hilly and quite a challenge and I put it on my bucket list, but I liken it to Studio 64 back in the day. Everybody wanted inside because not everyone was allowed to go in. You had to be chosen and when you have to be chosen, it makes you want to get in all the more.

As I continued to run over the years, my feelings about Boston changed but not my desire to get in. I just wanted it for different reasons and I’m still working on it.

If you think you know all about Boston or how difficult it is for the average runner, watch this episode of Nova. I think you’ll find it not only interesting but also inspiring.

And if you want to get an insight into the mind of a runner during a marathon, this should do it:

And now, let’s talk about me. I ran 3 miles yesterday. It took me over 33 minutes and my max pace was only 9:06 but it felt so good. I’m still not totally pain-free and my pace is pretty slow, but that’s something I’m working on with flexibility and strength training, and it will take a little more time but I’m running again and for right now, that’s all that really matters.

Did you watch the marathon today? Have you ever ran the Boston Marathon?

15 thoughts on “Two awesome things about running

  1. Happy to hear your back running! There couldn’t have been a more perfect day to run this week. I know I was a little more motivated yesterday on my run after watching it :). I really want to run Boston someday! Aside from there being so many hard-working athletes who have had to qualify to get there, which is incredible itself, I just think the atmosphere would be amazing 🙂

  2. Great post Flower!! I watched every minute of the Boston Marathon yesterday and loved it. So proud of Meb and Shalane… Glad to hear you’re back up and running too. I dealt with a bad case of tendinitus at the end of 2013 so I know how it feels to be out and how good it feels to come back… 🙂

    Train Healthy Be Wealthy

    • Thank you, it does feel good to be back 🙂 And it was one of the best races I have ever seen. Hope that tendinitus is all better, that can be pretty painful.

  3. I couldn’t turn away from the marathon. It was so awe inspiring. I was heart broken to see Shalane fall back, but it was so great that she was able to still pull a PR out of the day.
    I love the 5 Stages of Marathon Running. That’s one of my favorite videos. It’s so true!!

    • I was heartbroken too but if it weren’t for her I dont think any of those ladies would have performed like they did. She set the pace from the get go and made it one of the best races I’ve ever watched, I loved it.

  4. Yay for getting back to running!
    I didn’t get a chance to watch the Boston Marathon but I’ve been reading lots of stories of people running it this year after being injured last year.
    Such inspiration! I love being a (small) part of this amazing running community!

  5. Good for you! Glad you were able to get back out there. I love watching the Boston Marathon–always so inspiring! (Maybe someday I can be that speedy!)

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