The postapocalyptic dystopia, yeah, I go there.

When I’m not spending all of my spare time running, I get pretty bored. Things get done when I’m bored. You would think I would actually embrace that extra time to sleep in but I still wake up at 5:30am every morning. It would be nice if I got the things on my ‘to do’ list done, but instead I focus on obscure projects whose importance I probably created in my own mind.

I'm sewing

This week, I learned to sew. The dogs are quite happy about it and not because they are sporting brand new bandana’s but because they have new brand new pillows and pillow cases.

Boomer with Pillow

Hank with his pillow

The guns are all clean and they may have a few new accessories.

Me and my AR15

The paddle boat has been cleaned up and the pedals oiled. Just in case I might want to go for a spin around the pond.

My Pond

And we have some exciting things going on around here. The kid is moving out. Actually, he’s moving into the man cave above the garage so I’m not sure that’s really moving out per se, but he’s moving out of the main house so I’m counting it. Anyway, because he’s moving out, Mom and I have been shopping for some essentials.

Since this is the third time the kid has moved out and each time before all of his household items, (of which I purchased ),were sold off in a sort of modern-day fire sale, so we don’t buy new items anymore. Nope, we hit up garage sales, Craigslist and the local weigh and pay.

Craigslist is a bone of contention to me. I have had some really good luck with it in the past but sometimes, you have to weed through a heck of a lot of crap to find the legitimate deals. Garage Sales are great but you don’t always find what you’re looking for and you have to do quite a bit of driving around to find the good stuff.

You need to have some thick skin to visit any of the typical bargain places that we haunt. It can get pretty scary sometimes and you need to know how the system works, otherwise, it’s a colossal waste of time. One of these places is the weigh and pay.

Weigh and Pay

On our way to the Weigh and Pay and I photo bomb Mom!

The weigh and pay is actually the Goodwill Outlet Store but some people call it the weigh and pay and some people call it the bins. I prefer weigh and pay. Regardless of what you call it, you can find some awesome deals, you just have to be willing to dig and you have to be prepared for just about anything.

The Weigh and Pay

Walking into the place you might think you’ve entered a post apocalyptic world. It’s a grim and dirty dystopia. The building is a shabby warehouse with giant bins full of junk. The patrons are a varied bunch and most of them are fairly nice, but there is the occasionally psychopath.

The bins

The warehouse is very dirty and we always wear gloves. I’ve even seen some people wearing masks. You also need to be careful because sometimes there is glass in the bins and you could cut yourself. I’ve seen it happen a few times. shoppers at the weigh and pay

So, you may be wondering why I would go there with all this talk about it being dreary and dirty and the reason is quite simple. I’m addicted. Seriously.

There may be a lot of garbage and most of the stuff in the bins are the things that they can’t sell in the regular goodwill stores, but occasionally you will find treasures. I once found 5 Sterling Silver Apostle spoons in the bottom of a bin which I later sold for 100 dollars and I found 2 complete sets of vintage fiesta ware. My total cost for all of this was less than 5 bucks!

You pay for your items by the pound but if you find something big, they will usually sell it to you for a buck or two. They split the items up based on glass, textiles, clothing and books and as I said you pay by the pound unless the item is large. Weigh and Pay bins

I got both of my shark navigators there and they were both brand new. I paid 2 dollars for each of them. I’ve also purchased 2 beautiful ceiling fans that I later found at home depot for over 300 dollars each and I paid 10 bucks total for the two that I bought. So you can probably see why I’m addicted to the place but there are times I’ve gone and found absolutely nothing. (But that’s rare.) I’m all about adventure and great bargains so I kind of enjoy the thrill of the find. It’s a modern-day treasure hunt, but if you decide to go there, this place makes Wal-Mart look like Neiman Marcus. So, consider yourself warned.

What’s your favorite place you go to when you want to find a bargain? Tell me your secrets!

8 thoughts on “The postapocalyptic dystopia, yeah, I go there.

  1. I know how to sew very basic things. I can also take in clothes that are too big if they dont have a lot going on.

    Wow! Bargain shopping at its finest! Haha or um..not so fine? I love me some good bargains! I’ll usually go to a few big thrift stores or tell my husband what I’m looking for and he can most likely find it on craigslist for cheap or trade. He is really good at trading up!

    • My husband and your husband would be besties for sure. Every time I see that show the barter kings or something, I think my husband could do so much better, haha.

  2. Wow how interesting! I spend all my time running, but I know what you are saying about waking up early, I wish i could sleep in more! I know I would recover faster too! You will be back in no time 🙂

  3. Looks like fun! So many of my friends go to places like that and shop craigslist, etc., but I am super lazy when it comes to shopping. I mostly online shop (even or to get my non perishables).

    Awesome that you learned to sew! I wish I knew how–would be such a great skill to have.

    • I’m not that good at it yet, (and hopefully I’ll be running soon and wont get the chance to get any better)…bwahahah…

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