Still a pain in your…I mean, my ass.

Happy April 1st or April Fool’s Day. I was gonna pull a joke on ya but I know y’all aren’t fools so I won’t even try.

Anywho, this morning I walked four slow miles around my neighborhood. I wanted to run but I know that would be pushing it because I have that little pain, you know, the one in my ass.

Runners ass pain

So, I walked instead of running and I’ve been foam rolling and stretching like mad. I’d love to be able to stretch out like some of you yogi’s out there but that just ain’t happening. I’m like a short fat rubber band inside. If you stretch me too far, I’ll either snap right back or snap in two. I’d be the girl in the middle here:

runners stretches

And I’d love to be able to lift weights every day or every other day and really build up my strength but unfortunately, I’ve gotten quite weak in my glutes and hamstrings and when I do lift weights, like last night, I look like this:

weights for runners

So, I gotta go slow with the weights, obviously.

I also thought about doing a dance workout but I’m not really all that coordinated.

runners doing dance

Although, I could probably do this next workout because that’s pretty much what I look like when I dance….clueless, it’s not pretty.

Runners dancing

I’m actually making light of the situation because quite frankly, it sucks. I hate injuries worse than…well, anything. Running injuries

Runners and injuries

Unfortunately I think I may need some more time off which means no Iron Girl half or even the 5K. I’m going to have to redo my entire race calendar. I don’t mind telling you that every single time I see someone running, I get jealous. Not jealous enough to do this:

Runner Jealousy

But still jealous.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear all about your running. So tell me did you run today and how far?

14 thoughts on “Still a pain in your…I mean, my ass.

  1. Goodness I’m so sorry you’re having a tough time right now….injurys are NOT fun when you love to run as much as you do! I’m glad you’re being smart though and taking it easy. ( I can give great advice but I won’t do it myself!!!) I need you better so we can run and hang out! Thoughts are with you…. Have some fun in Venice ! ❤️

    • Awe, thanks Cheryl. I’m having such a hard time not being able to get out there but I know it’s for the best. I’ll try and catch you a delicious bass redfish!

  2. I’m in the same boat. I’ve done something to my lower abs. Very painful when I try to run. Taking a week off also. Sucks!!!!!

    • Ouch, that stinks, I’m so sorry to hear that Rich. 🙁 Have you seen the doctor? Have any idea what it is? I don’t think I’ve ever had lower ab pain so I can’t even fathom what that would be. Get some good rest and get better soon 🙂

    • Awe, thank you so much, you are too kind. I am doing the PT, well not technically doing him but going to the PT guy, hehe. Good Lord, I hope MacGyver doesn’t read that he might have a heart attack, hehe. Anywho, yes, PT, excercises, rolling, lots of icing but this time, my whole body is telling me to take a little break so I’m listening….

  3. Hey you…sorry to hear your butt pain is still there. I was hoping you were back on track after your run yesterday.

    I took 4 days off last week and was certain by yesterday I was ready for running. I did a slow 3 miler but it wasn’t good. Ended my day at PT. My pelvis is out of alignment (happens to me quite often). I have a pretty pronounced sway back so anterior pelvic tilt which is really pulling and irritating my glute medius. I have my new exercises and am committed to taking this week off. Maybe swimming but just want to play it day by day (last year I was off 7 weeks of running in June/July and I do not want to repeat that). I would rather take as many days as I need to now than take months later.

    Email me if you want to chat more about it. I will be right there with you taking time off, doing therapy and basically pouting until I can run again.

    Hang in there!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I knew after Monday something wasn’t quite right. I’m taking an additional week off and not doing any races for at least a month. After one more week, I’ll play it by ear but I’m determined to get better before I try again. After Monday’s run, I’m in more pain than I was before..I’m actually going to take a little vacation tomorrow and head down to Venice for 4 or 5 days. (My doctor thinks some time off might help better than anything right now) I’m calling it Beach and Wine Therapy. 😉

      I hope the new exercises and swimming are helpful for you. I’d be interested in hearing about the exercises your doing, especially if they help. And you are so right, a few days off are way better than months! You hang in there too. I’m routing for you!

      • That is interesting because I feel like after my run Monday it is worse. I thought “maybe since I just stopped everything I finally was able to feel the pain” (no exercise = no endorphins). I am also not taking any pain meds (was getting pretty lazy with popping Advil) except one Aleve before bed. I got ultrasound & electric stim at PT Mon and a wonderful massage yesterday. I actually think I might just take completely off until next Monday and then see how I feel. I ordered Body Pump because I would like to focus on weights a bit more (I am already coming up with my training calendar for summer which is much more triathlon looking than strictly running). Have a fabulous vacation! I agree, time away from home and you can take your mind off your injury and just heal. We don’t leave for Mexico until 4/20 and hopefully by that time I am working out again so maybe we can walk on the beach each day so I don’t take another full week totally off. Take care! And remember, we CAN do this!! It’s only a few more days!!!

        • Thanks Susan, I definitely think weights are the way to go. The minute I stop working out with them I get injured so I should know better by now. Let me know how body pump works out for you…

          • I will let you know how it goes. I have been really wanting for the past 6 months to make the switch over to doing more weights than cardio…but I love my cardio so we will see. I keep trying! Hope you are having a great little vacation!!

          • Thanks Susan. So far, so good. A quick trip out on the boat this afternoon….but tomorrow hopefully some fishing. 🙂

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