The secret to luxurious hair, I’ve got it!

Thank God it’s Friday! Seriously. Here’s 5 things about my day so far….

1.) I ran 3 miles this morning. I’d love to tell you that it was epic but in reality, it sucked. I have no speed at all and I had to dig deep within my soul just to pull out those 3 miles in around 31 minutes. 31 minutes that I hated every second of, it was horrible. I know speed will come back with time but it pisses me off nonetheless. The reality is, sometimes a run will just suck.

I'm a slow runner

2.) After I got home, I took the dogs for a walk and then jumped in the shower. Since little Hank jumped in with me, I went ahead and gave him a quick wash and then finished my shower. It wasn’t until I was drying off that I realized I washed my hair with Hanks dermatitis shampoo so I just spent an hour this morning googling Sebazole to make sure I’m not in danger of dying or losing my hair. Turns out, I’ll be just fine and my hair is shinier than ever. If that shit didn’t cost 26 bucks a bottle, I’d probably use it more often.

Doxie in a box

You’ll have the shiniest hair ever Mommy! Just look at me.

3.) After seeing how shiny my hair was, I decided to go all out and put on a little makeup. I know, I know, but it’s Friday and I have a shiny coat nice hair, so I figured, why not. Well, here’s why not. I accidentally stabbed myself in the eye with my brand new Urban Decay mascara! And now, I have to throw it away because I have OCD and my mascara touched something other than an eyelash so it’s contaminated. Sadly, I’m a little more pissed off that I spent 25 bucks on something that I used only once than the fact that I almost stabbed my eye out or that my OCD forced me to throw it away.

4.) Since I have a full coat of paint on my face and I actually brushed my hair today I thought maybe I should go somewhere. I’m thinking Costco, although it’s usually packed on Friday’s and lately I have this thing about not liking people so here’s hoping I’ll be able to get through it.

Shopping at Costco

5.) MacGyver wants to go to the cabin this weekend and I’d really like to go shoot my new AR15 but it’s going to be near 90 degrees this weekend. Couple that with 2 adults and 2 dogs in a 400 square foot cabin with only a window shaker for air, no shower, dust, dirt, mud and lots of heat, and I think weapons are a really bad idea for me. So, I think I’m going to stay home. Sounds much more like a beach weekend for me.

What are you doing this weekend?

Have you ever went for a run that just plain sucked?

Some people I might be obsessed with and probably stalk a little.

There are all kinds of blog awards out there from the tiny community blog awards to the big ones by major magazines, I’m sure you’ve seen them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking them, I think they serve a purpose and because of some of those awards, I’ve found some great blogs that I otherwise may not have. On the other hand, often those awards go to the same people over and over and it gets a little annoying.

I’ve been nominated for a few myself and I really do appreciate it, I do. However, I don’t always play along and answer the questions and keep the awards going and I apologize if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, it’s just that I get uncomfortable having to nominate others because I might leave someone out that I really like and sometimes I want to nominate more than what is allowed and frankly, I just don’t like to follow the rules. I know, but that’s just me. It doesn’t change the fact that I do appreciate being nominated and I love the fact that you guys come here to read my nonsensical crazy nattering.

Major blog award

There’s a point here, I promise.

There are a few blogs out there that I read every single day. Regardless of where I am or what I’m doing, if I have access to the Internets, I read them. I do read Hungry Runner Girl and Run Eat Repeat but these other blogs are my absolute favorites and by some stroke of nature, I found them.

I’m telling you about these blogs NOT because I’m nominating them for any awards or anything but just because I truly enjoy them and I think you will too. If you have a few moments, check them out and let me know what you think. They’re UpandHumming approved….like that means anything, ha!

UpandHumming Approved

It’s a Dog Lick Baby World – I’ve been stalking Kara for about a year and she is hilarious. She’s a wife and Mom and smart as shit. One of the main reasons I love her blog is you never really know what she’s going to write about from day-to-day, but you can be sure it will crack you up, hysterically. She doesn’t really hold anything back and always tells it like it is.

Milf Runner – I’ve been stalking Milf for about a year as well. She’s also hilarious. She lives somewhere in California and has like forty kids or something . She’s just undergone some major surgery but her posts about her recovery are classic. The only issue I have with Milf is she doesn’t update enough. What? Like she has no time with her 47 kids or whatever, please.

Run Dog Cat Cat ME – Terri is an amazing writer and quite frankly I think she should write novels. She draws you in and then before you know it, the story is over and you’re left wanting more.

Running Off The Reeses – Cely is a Texan but we’ll forgive her for that. She’s funny, smart, witty and loves to eat, drink beer and read books, oh and she runs. She also has a pug named Bardot, seriously. How could you not love this girl?

T Rex Runner – Danielle is a Marathon Maniac though she’s currently injured. She is as witty as all get out and honest as the day is long. She makes you feel like she’s your best friend and once you start reading her blog you’ll be hooked.

Catastrophy Wife – Fucking hilarious. That’s it. Read it.

Picking Up a Hitchhiker – Iram is a divorced father with a beautiful little girl. He has brain cancer and he runs marathons. He also wins occasionally, once while pushing his daughter in her stroller!. His blog is raw and uncensored and sometimes when I’m reading I flinch because I don’t want him to be so exposed, but I respect his opinions and his truths. None of us really know how we would react unless we were to actually living Iram’s life but his blog takes you as close as you can get.

Roserunner – Roserunner is a lawyer and a very talented runner. She’s very direct and somewhat sarcastic and I find her irresistible.

Shut up and Run – If I lived near Beth, we’d be best friends. That’s all.

Now it’s your turn to introduce me to your favorite blog or blogs. I don’t care if you tell me about 1 or 100, we don’t follow rules around here but for Christ sake, leave me the link to a funny one. I like funny.

What’s your favorite blog or blogs? Don’t forget to leave the link.

I got a new ring…

Hey kids, happy Wednesday!

I ran again on Tuesday and still had a bit of pain in the hip but it gets better as the run goes on. I’m not even sure I should call it pain as it’s more like a bit of tightness. This morning the tightness seemed to go away fairly quickly but as I’m sitting here typing, my back is sort of hurting. Anyway, I’m still doing the stretching and weight training and flexibility exercises so it’s getting better and the runs are getting easier but I’m still keeping them short for now.

running in florida

I am still trying to do that damn Tracy Anderson video, you know, the dancing one. I’m pretty sure my body was built for running and not dancing but I’m getting better at. Unfortunately, I still look a lot like this when I’m doing it:

A runner Dancing

Did I tell you the latest news?

I’m dealing with another issue lately that came out of nowhere and sort of surprised me. I’ve got a new ring.

It’s not a new wedding ring or a Mother’s day ring or anything like that, in fact, it’s not even a ring that you wear. It’s also not an Olympic ring, not even close, and it’s not like the kind of rings around Saturn. My ring looks like this:


That’s Ringworm. Nice, right?

I’m not exactly sure how I got it but in the days leading up to my recent garage sale, I was doing a little yard work and some planting and I thought I got bit by a mosquito. It was quite itchy for a few days and I scratched the crap out of it. Over the course of a few days it itched, I scratched, and it bled quite a bit, and then a rash developed. Last week I noticed it was turning into a ring. Oh joy.


So I’ve got ringworm. Great, but what exactly is ringworm. Well, I’m not a doctor but I can tell you what ringworm is not. It is not a worm. I know. I couldn’t believe it either but it’s not.


Ringworm is a fungus. It’s also highly contagious and there are all sorts of places where I could have picked it up especially in Florida because ringworm thrives in warm, moist climates. Fortunately it can be treated with over the counter creams.

Unfortunately it can take up to 4 weeks or more to heal so I guess I’ll just be walking around with this ring on my leg for a while. There is a pill that you can take but apparently it can also be quite toxic on your liver and kidneys and I don’t know about you, but I sort of like my liver and kidneys. So I’ll just use the cream and deal with my new ring for a while, thank you.

It’s not so bad. I drew a smiley face on it this morning which made for a pretty interesting run.

Have you ever had ringworm? Did you know that it was caused by a fungus and not worms?