I did a bad, bad thing….

Hello from Venice where we are boating, relaxing, doing a little work, hanging with friends and being bad….well not everyone, just me. I’ve been a very bad girl….
Bad girlIn case you’re wondering what it is that I’ve done, then remember, I’m in Venice where my favorite trail is located…yeah, so, I ran. Only 3 miles on the Legacy Trail, it wasn’t too far…
Somethings not right up hereIn case you’re wondering, I ran slow miles and I walked a little here and there. And I even stopped for a few minutes to snap a picture when I saw this little guy…

bunny on the legacy trailSee? If you knew that little creatures like that were waiting for you on the trail wouldn’t you want to go there as soon as you could? Of Course you would! And that’s all I did. Except I ran a little….
dumbI’ve learned my lesson and I’ll be walking for the rest of the week! Promise. And I’ll also be taking lots of ice baths in the Gulf of Mexico. Until tomorrow, gone fishin’…
Hank on the boatIs it just me or does Hank have an abnormally large penis for his size? I tend to think he does…

Have you ever run when you weren’t supposed to?

14 thoughts on “I did a bad, bad thing….

  1. I’ve run when I shouldn’t have plenty of times.. it’s tough not being able to run.
    I’m supposed to be taking it easy because those nasty headaches seem to have come back.. but I’ve also gained a few lbs so I’m planning on running tomorrow 😉 hehe..

    I hope you heal quickly and try to resist that urge to run so you don’t set yourself back!

    • You poor thing. I got a very bad migraine last night and had to leave the restaurant so I totally know how you feel. I hope they figure out what’s causing them and you get better soon 🙂 Hang in there….

  2. I run when I shouldn’t. As for Hank let’s remember his legs are short so that throws everything out of whack. Haha!!!

  3. lmao!!! I knew there was a reason you “caught my eye” on the bloggers pages. So random how you end today’s blog. lololololol…as a person who owns and shows dogs, it’s almost proportionate to his body…almost. He is a weenier dog, right? Pun intended.

  4. I don’t know about you but I tend to find it a lot harder to not run when I’m not supposed to and a lot harder to get motivated when I am just fine to run…

  5. LOL–that was funny. Does your hip feel OK?
    I decided to give my body some movement after 2 full rest days so did 45 minutes swimming. It felt so good to be in the water and move. My hip is VERY slowly getting better. Such baby steps but hoping if I can just give it more rest and gentle swimming workouts (maybe a bike ride?) I can run on Monday (???).

    Have FUN!!! What a beautiful place 🙂

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