Church of the Long Run, Shalane Flanagan is awesome!

I trust y’all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty gosh darned exciting!

Peacocks and Pedicures Two things. Peacocks and Pedicures! There is no substitution.

My Mom and I had a garage sale this weekend. You might think that would be fun for me since I love going to them, but not really. Actually, I hate hosting them. I am finding that in my oldish age, I don’t really like too many people. Granted the majority of the people who came were nice but we also had our fair share of idiots and nutjobs. I realize that I may also tend to attract these types of people but the ‘wish it up’ lady and 9am drunk were my favorites.

Piss Drunk

Did you know that you can just walk around and wish for things all day and most of your wishes come true? No really, you can. This lady was like 55 years old and she’s been doing it her whole life. She wished a few new cars and even a few wins at the casino, Bless her little heart.

The next time you are bored or need some cheap entertainment, I suggest you host a garage sale of your own. That is some fine entertainment there people and it’s free, although you may want to borrow my idiot and nutjob attraction perfume just to make sure you get the cream of the crop. I’m gonna to be bottling it up pretty soon and it should be available at all the fine department stores.

This year I had a garage sale but last year at this time, I ran the Iron Girl half and even though the massive bridges you have to run over kicked my butt, I was really sad I missed it this year. But even though I had to miss it, my friend Cheryl ran and I am so proud of her, she finished first in her division! That’s gold baybee!

Cheryl wins gold I stole that picture from your facebook Cheryl! I couldn’t help myself…

Cheryl is one of the only people I have ever met that loves running as much as I do and she probably doesn’t know this but she is one of my inspirations and she motivates me to want to be a better runner and to get faster.

And since we’re on the subject of my inspirations, did you watch the Shalane Flanagan interview on 60 minutes last night? I hope you got to see it. My Mom and I watched it and we’ve decided that if Shalane lived near me, we’d be besties. (The Church of the Long Run, OMG) We love her.

But on a serious note, I want her to win Boston so badly. She really deserves that and how great would that be, right? I know I’ll be rooting for her and I may even have to call up the wishing lady.

Now because it’s Monday and you might need a little motivation, heres another pic I stole, this time from my Brother-in-law’s facebook:

There was a fire


What did you do this weekend?

Did you watch the interview with Shalane?

Garage sales? Go to them or have one?

12 thoughts on “Church of the Long Run, Shalane Flanagan is awesome!

  1. Awe you’re are soooo sweet, I’m really humbled by your words . TRULY you inspire me too and I’m so bummed you’re injured. I hope you’re feeling better …. You’ll come back 200% I’m sure. I’m glad you’ve had dome time with your mom. She sounds like a hoot!☺️

  2. Loved the interview last night with Shalane! Happy to know we both go to the same church 😉

    My parents used to own a home decor store and they often found old furniture at garage sells and refurbished it to sell and so they used to haul me around with them when I was younger and I absolutely hated it. I once cried when I asked them what an estate sale was and they told me that meant someone had died. That sad thing was I only cried because I was super creeped out haha. And now I don’t like garage sales because I live in Arizona and they’re always during the cooler months and when the snowbirds are here and they don’t know how to drive worth crap. Also, because I’m already beginning to like fewer and fewer people and I’m only almost 25- yikes 😉

    • LOL, just wait til your my age, you’ll be lucky to like one person and maybe a dog. Hopefully the one you like is the one you’re married to. hehe

      Estate sales and garage sales used to creep me out too but now I do go to them. I don’t like having them, especially estate sales, (mainly because Im not dead yet) and the only reason I go to them is because I’m a big ol cheapskate, 🙂

      Wow, I make getting older sound really fun huh?

      • lol you sound exactly like my mom- she says she doesn’t know who has it worse, the stupid people or she who has to deal with the stupid people and she’s always telling me I’m better off with a dog, even though she’s managed to keep my dad around haha 🙂

  3. I need to check out the interview! Missed it (too focused on the Masters yesterday I guess). Garage sales = no and no. Don’t host them and don’t go to them. I know there are those that love going and shopping for bargains, but I am super lazy when it comes to shopping. & as well as any other sites that I can click a button and have it delivered to my door are my BFF’s. I guess when UPS dropped off a package last week he told my husband “you guys get something like every day”. Guilty.

    How is your pesky hip doing? Would love a post on what/where exactly the pain is (where in the hip), and what you do to rehab yourself!

    Happy Monday!

  4. I will have to check out the 60 minute segment. I love Shalane! She’s a badass and I totally want her to win Boston this year. I remember watching last year and cheering for her the whole way.
    We had a garage sale two weekends ago. It really is a shit show.

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