Another (near catastrophic) injury to sideline my running!

How was your weekend? Mine was good. I’m back at home and if I didn’t mention it before, my Mom is also here, yay! We’ve been having a really good time hanging out in Venice, boating, fishing, and maybe a little shopping…okay a lot. I can’t lie, you know me better than that.

Dogs on the boat

We also have another guest in the way of my Mom’s dog, Shakespeare. Shakespeare is my fur brother my Mom’s dog. He’s a Pomeranian and also a male. So, we now have 3 male dogs in the house. Shakespeare and Hank have NOT been neutered and they’re acting like typical men testosterone induced, crazy freaks! Shakespeare marks and then Hank marks, or Hank marks and then Shakespeare marks and it’s driving me insane.

Hank and Shakespeare

All the years of potty training success go right out the window as soon as another un-neutered male comes to town and then it’s a pissing contest, literally. If you want to save Hanks balls, please give me advice on how to keep un-neutered male dogs from pissing on carpets, otherwise, I’m pretty close to calling the ball chopper vet.

Dog Piss

On a side note, I googled ‘dog shaming dog pees on floor’ and over half of the pictures on the first page are dachshunds, I’m screwed.

Hank and Beans

Over the weekend, Mom and I went to a few garage sales. At one of them there was a cute basket with three compartments to put pots or plants in, or whatever. It had ceramic tiles on the front of each compartment and I really lliked it. Unfortunately, it didn’t have a price, so I asked the lady what she wanted for it and she said ‘make me an offer’. My Mom said, how about a dollar? I swear to you this lady started horse laughing. And then she said, I’m sorry but a dollar, really? I need at least five dollars, that was a very expensive basket and it’s special. I can’t believe this bitch just bargain shamed me at a flippin garage sale!

bitch card

I’ve never seen a special basket before but if I’m paying five dollars for a used, banged up garage sale basket it better talk to me or do some tricks! My Mom and I politely said thank you but no thank you and then headed toward the car. My Mom then whispers to me that she had a similar basket that she had brought down to sell in my garage sale next week, and then she went to the trunk of her car and produced said basket, only hers was cuter, and new! I swear! My Mom is magical….

While we were in Venice, MacGyver and I decided to go out on the boat with Mom and the 3 dogs. We did a little fishing and let the dogs swim a little. It was a beautiful day and even though the water was a little chilly, I knew it would feel great on my hips so I figured what the hell, I’ll jump in with the dogs.

Boomer goes swimming

Scene of Injury

It may look beautiful now….. but shit’s about to get real…

Now, if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw this picture already so you may have figured it out but just in case you aren’t one of the cool kids, here’s what happened.

I was jumping around in the water because it was only knee to thigh deep; and I took all three dogs in and paddled around with them. I threw a water plastic water bottle out for Boomer to retrieve and we were hopping up out of the water and jumping towards the water bottle. After a few feet I came down on my right foot and instantly felt searing pain. I knew I had hurt my foot but I didn’t realize it was cut until I got out of the boat. Someone had thrown a broken beer bottle in the water and I guess it was my lucky day, because I found it.

My toe injury

MacGyver would say it’s merely a scrape and Mom would say it’s bad but didn’t warrant any trips to the emergency room. However, if you ask me, I probably could use about 15 stitches, narrowly missed an artery, and I’ll be lucky if we don’t have to amputate the lower half of my leg.

It’s not pretty and it is quite painful to step on so I definitely didn’t run anymore over the weekend. I also dropped a landscape timber on it Saturday and then Mom accidentally stepped on it Sunday so it’s probably broken now too.

Bad day

The good news is, I have a new survival tip for you:

1 Paper towel + 2 feet of electrical tape = Redneck Bandaid

Redneck Bandaid

So that was the gist of my little vacation, and here’s to a great week. I hope I can run some and I hope you can too!

What did you do this weekend?

Did you run?

What are your workout plans for the week?

9 thoughts on “Another (near catastrophic) injury to sideline my running!

  1. Well, now your hip/butt can rest! =) But, man, your poor toe! I have that kind of luck too re: cut, drop, step.
    I didn’t do much but I did manage to run 4.5 miles.

    • In hindsight it was probably a good thing…I definitely need to rest the hip/butt area. Good job on the 4.5 miles! 🙂

  2. Hey there… Best dog book ever: The Monks of New Skeet. It’s all about the dominance: Between the males and then you making sure they know that YOU are the head bitch.

    • Thank you so much! I located it on Amazon and I am going to order it immediately. Crossing my fingers it works 😉

      • Hopefully it will say something about that. I can’t remember specifically and ours is loaned out. But it’s a must have anyway. Good luck!

  3. OUCH! Ugh…man, what a bummer! I am sorry that happened. Hoping you can make a quick recovery on this and maybe the rest will be really good for your hip. I am slowly coming back to life with my hip. 2 swims and a bike ride last week. Decided to see if I could walk pain free today and did manage a 5K walk with no pain. Hoping to run Wednesday but just letting my body tell me what I should/should not do (as opposed to my mind who always tries to be boss). Take care of yourself!

  4. That sounds aweful and hope it doesn’t keep you from running that long! I ran a local race called Robbie’s run and finally got a sub-30 5k!!! I crossed the finish line and screamed hell yeah – then immediately because aware of my surroundings as we were on a church camp property for the run!
    Get to healing and back to running!

    • LOL, I’ve said worse in church so don’t worry and CONGRATS on the sub 30! Go girl! I love hearing that, that’s awesome! 🙂

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