A bike fail, some nattering, and why I love spell check.

So, I took the day off from running this morning and I went for a bike ride instead. If you’ve read my blog you probably know that I am not the best biker in the world and you probably also know that my bike is a piece of crap. Both of these things are still true, but I can’t run 7 days a week, so the bike it is.

Bike Fail

This morning I rode 11.5 miles in just under an hour and 10 minutes. That’s not really fast but I don’t know how to change my Garmin to bike mode so I’m pretty sure that Garmin connect thinks I loaned out my 620 to Shalane Flanagan or Kara Goucher. Never in my life have I run 6 minute miles, and this might be a stretch, but I’m pretty sure I never will – but Garmin thinks I can and I’m pretty stoked about it.

Run Flower Run


My bike still has issues with the chain which is probably why, at mile 4 while changing gears, my foot slid off the pedal and this happened:

bike fail number 12000000

That’s gonna leave a bruise…

It happens to be located right behind my ringworm so that leg looks like a mangled mess right now, nice.

My computer is still acting up and I haven’t found another one yet. This morning I got the blue screen of death. I was able to bring it back to life by turning it off, removing the battery, blowing on it, replacing it, and turning it back on. I’m not sure blowing on it did anything but I was afraid to lick it. It’s working so I guess I did something right. (Tell me you lick your batteries…you do right?)

I also did a little weight routine last night. Since the kid has moved into the man cave, I don’t have a home gym anymore, which is okay, except for those times when I want a home gym. I improvised and worked out with a kettlebell out on the lanai and it wasn’t too bad. We’ve got a pretty sweet set up out there including 2 TV’s because you know, sports and stuff. I don’t know what it is about TV but it makes me work out way longer than I normally would probably because I forget I’m actually working out.

Once again I’m going to attempt to find a new computer today and maybe a new bike too. I found another pony bike on the internet and I think they’re pretty sweet and I’m convinced I need one.

I really need this sweet bike.  I bet it even farts rainbows!

I really need this sweet bike. I bet it even farts rainbows!

If I had that bike maybe I could end my streak of hurting myself every single time I get on one….

On a completely random note, I just spell checked and imagine my delight when it suggested changing lania to labia. Oh spell check, you slay me!

Have you ever crashed your bike or had a major bike fail?

What’s the best thing spell check has ever changed for you?

14 thoughts on “A bike fail, some nattering, and why I love spell check.

  1. I’m not the best at cycling either. I have had some major falls. A few years back, I was nearly hit by a car and crashed my bike which resulted in me cracking my ribs. It took me years to get back on the bike and I only ride on trails now. But that unicorn bike would totally protect me!

  2. I’m SO glad you’re healing…..don’t push it! I need to go bike shopping too I REALLY want to add biking into my fitness program …..(although Tom insists that biking is not for me since I would probably fall off, crash into something or hurt somebody!) I LOVE your positive spirit though! AND my Garmin has gone wacky too, it said I ran a 5:36 mile……NOT!!!!

    • If anybody could run a 5:36, it’s you! 🙂 I’m not pushing it but I’m thinking of racing again in June….anything good coming up?

  3. Spell check is very funny. Mine tried to change the Colorado town called Blackhawk to: Black (rhymes with hawk). Ummmm, yeah.

    Sorry about the bike fail.

    I’ve had 3 really bad falls. The first, I have no idea what happened but this is where I fell onto my side (with my toes still clipped in) and hurt my left side so bad and now I have this problem hip 🙂 The second time I rode through a construction area in the early morning hours and didn’t see the lip in the road. Totally went over the handle bars. Third time a dog off leash ran in front of me, I hit the dog and went over the handle bars again. How many women in their 40’s do you know that have gone over the handle bars TWICE in their adult life? I am kind of proud of it 🙂

    How is your hip doing?

    • LOL, I’d be proud of it too! I haven’t gone over the handle bars in quite a few years but i’m sure eventually I’ll do it again 😉

      The hip is about 90% but it gets better every day 🙂

      • Really awesome news about your hip! I bet you are very relieved.

        Mine is probably 90% better, too. I am up to 5 miles (intervals). Taking it really slow (right now only running about 1 1/2 miles of that 5) and still cross training 3 days but I feel like I am turning the corner. Don’t have to go back to PT for 3 weeks and am hoping to be up to full mileage by late May 🙂

        I knew we could do it together!!!

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