5 Things Friday including 2 Black Paws!

Happy Good Friday, and speaking of Friday, I’ve got Five Things,

Here we go….

These two.

Hank and Shaky

It does not get any cuter than these two and if I had a picture of the thousands of cute things they do every day, I’d be a millionaire, ten times over!

Two Black Paws.

Two Black Paws

This is what Boomer and I look like when we go for a walk and yes, he’s rather huge. He’s also the subject of thing three.

The dog who sleeps with pillows.

Boomer sleeping

This morning I boiled the eggs to color. My neighbor Jayde is helping me color them. They weren’t quite ready yet so I have no pictures…just pictures of the boiling eggs. I’m going to go ahead and post those because so far this blog has only a tiny bit of food porn, so here you go, food porn sickos….

food porn

Thing 5 is a picture of one of the greatest eggs the Easter Bunny ever brought MacGyver and he continues to bring them year after year. It looks like this…

Camo Egg

I hope you have a wonderful Good Friday! I’m headed to the beach for the weekend!

Do you have any family traditions for Easter?

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