WTF Wednesday

I woke up this morning to rainy and dreary skies. Normally I would love running in that weather especially when I only have 10 miles done for the week but I just couldn’t get myself motivated and then the weather guy started mentioning lightning in the area so I decided to either put it off until later or take a rest day.

Around 9am I started getting sleepy so I decided it was best to go for a run. I bent over to put my shoes back on, but somehow I managed to fall right back onto the sofa where a blanket crept up over me. I woke up in that exact position 1 and half hours later. Ooops, my bad.

Then I turned on the news and opened up my computer to play a little catch up….and can I just ask you something? I mean, I’ve lost plenty of keys, shoes, purses, even my kid at Target once. In my defense, he was 16 at the time and didn’t really want to be found but that’s not really the point here, the point is, how in the hell do you lose an entire plane? And not just an airplane but an airplane FULL of people! What the hell?

lost keys

Oh and also, I’m sorry, but I really don’t care who Taylor Swift’s ‘bestie’ is any more than I care who her flippin boyfriend is, okay? Not important to me, never will be.

And I’m pretty disappointed in Target. I’m not sure why they felt the need to photoshop thigh gaps in their young models but really, shame on you Target. And for goodness sake if you’re going to photoshop anything, hire someone who actually knows what they’re doing!

I finally got motivated and did a little shopping this afternoon. Now I need to clean the house. The laundry is finished but it can’t be folded because little Hank decided to move in to the basket.

Dachshund does Laundry

And do you know what the absolute kicker about today is? It never really did storm and it never poured rain. Only a few light showers and no thunder or lightening. It was perfect running weather and I never went running…. Ain’t that a bitch. WTF? It must be Wednesday.

Did you get a lot done today or did you have a lazy day?

Do you feel guilty when you have lazy days?

8 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday

  1. I worked today and WOULD have gone for a run after but, in one of my own WTF moments, we had a blizzard today, about 6 inches worth. Yesterday it was sunny, about 48F and bare pavement. Today, a blizzard. Like I said…WTF. lol

    • Dang, that’s hella crazy! I probably would have called off work and built and snowman but then again so would the whole state if we ever actually got even 1 inch of snow! 🙂

  2. I went to go for a run this morning–only to find it raining! Paired with the time change, I agree it was hard to get my pep in my step! I’m glad the sun has come out now! 🙂

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