What I’ve been doing this weekend…

With no long run on the weekends I’ve got lots of spare time on my hands. I’m trying to be productive instead of dangerous, and here’s what’s going on so far:

Re-stocking of the gumballs:


Gumballs are a necessity in this house.

I’ve been playing with Chopsticks, my Wood Stork. He comes to visit daily and we’re pretty tight now. The dogs are not really all that thrilled with him, go figure.

Wood Stork

I refinished a very cool garage sale find in record time:



I’ve been hanging with MacGyver, going to more garage sales, all while elevating my legs:

Garage Saling

Posing the dogs with various props and generally annoying the hell out of them:

Posing my dogs

Having Breakfast at my favorite restaurant, the Frog Pond:

The Frog Pond

And eating way too much of not so healthy food, my bad:

Lots of bad calories

(The chocolate chip pancake is to die for, trust!)

And shopping a little or a lot, (it depends on your definition of little or a lot)….while rockin my Chuck’s:


Tomorrow, I’m going to work with MacGyver because I’m obviously bored, why else would I agree to such a stupid thing?

I’m obviously going nuts and need to start running soon…..

How’s your weekend going?

2 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing this weekend…

  1. Way to stay busy–that is the key I feel. You got this girl.

    As you know this is day 4 no running for me. I am doing all kinds of errands, working on my art projects and re-organizing my house!

    How is your hip? Mine is so much better today and I am SO tempted to go out there but I won’t. I still feel it’s one day too soon. And tomorrow I need to not set any expectations either because I would rather rest one extra day than “undo” this past 4 days.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Susan! My hip is a ton better but definitely not 100%, probably closer to 70% but I am going to try running a bit tomorrow and see how it feels. I will let you know…tell me how your run goes too. I’m so glad your feeling better 🙂

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