The things you don’t, but really do NEED to know, right now!

So, you may have read that recently my little ole blog turned 1-year-old. It’s been a fun year of writing about my adventures with running, and life in general.

Several months ago one of those facebook post that went viral came across my page and once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, you choose at least 12 people to be tagged and you have to tag the person who tagged you. I never have time for things like that and personally just reading those instructions hurts my brain, but it occurred to me that there are some things you may not know about me and why not use that same concept for my one year blogiversary except I won’t tag you back, I swear. How you like me now? That’s what I thought.

So in the spirit of that ridiculous facebook post, here are some things you may or may not want to know about me but I’m telling you anyway.

  1. I love to solve the cryptograms in the newspaper and I’m actually quite good at it. I used to think that one day the CIA or the FBI would recognize my talent and decide that I was destined to be a codebreaker. Obviously, that didn’t happen. I’m still waiting on that phone call. I also love Sudoku and I still think it’s funny when MacGyver calls it Sadooki.
  2. I tend to love animals more than most people.Boomer and Hankie
  3. My son is my greatest accomplishment and he makes me proud every single day.
  4. I have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old boy. I love farts, mud, and cartoons and probably in that order.Farts
  5. When I was little if a store said that it was open 24 hours, I thought that it meant the people who worked there actually slept over. I imagined the cashiers at the all night grocery slept on the check-out counters and the stock boys slept in boxes in the back, etc. Also, every time we would go to a gas station, my father would say, ‘thank you Hoss.’ So until I was 11 years old, I thought you couldn’t work in a gas station unless your name was Hoss.
  6. I am the eldest of three children. I have a younger brother and sister and I admire both of them more than they will ever know.
  7. I can find a parking spot in the front of any store regardless of the time of year. I think it’s because I don’t mind walking so I have some sort of good parking karma.
  8. Even as a child I had such bad OCD that I spent most of my playtime organizing my barbie’s and their clothes and the townhouse that I never actually played with them. I can even remember lining up their shoes and color coordinating their clothes.Barbie's
  9. I have no sense of direction. I can’t even find my way out of a hole. Plenty of people have tried to teach me but it’s useless. Never, I repeat, NEVER put me in charge of reading the map. We will not make it out alive.
  10. I am a morning person which means if I don’t work out or run first thing in the morning, I won’t do it at all.
  11. I take a nap almost every day of my life and I have no shame in telling you that. After dating MacGyver for only a few weeks, he told me he needed to take a nap before we went out to dinner and that was the exact moment I knew he was the one for me.
  12. I have scars on my knee caps to this day which occurred when I was a child and crashed my cousins green machine. I would love to have one of those to this day and I am still jealous that I was deprived of that awesome piece of machinery.Green Machine
  13. I’m a walking contradiction. I like to be by myself but I love to be around people. I’m serious at times and at others I’m silly. I am a serious clean freak but I like to play in the mud. I love bargain shopping but I can also spend money like I have an endless supply.
  14. I have an iron will and I can do anything if I put my mind to it.
  15. I have a serious addiction to Wendy’s vanilla Frosty’s loaded with mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. I used to eat them every day but now I only have them once a month. See, iron will!
  16. I love the Walking Dead and if I miss an episode and you tell me what happened you may be a walker on the next episode. I take that shit seriously.
  17. I google everything. And I mean everything. No matter where I am, if I have a question, I google it. I am seriously addicted to Google.
  18. If I could eat hamburgers every day, I would, also watermelon, I love both immensely. Adversely, I hate olives and raisins.
  19. I am allergic to shellfish which means I have to take extra precaution when MacGyver and I go out for seafood because he loves shellfish. I also have to be extra good because he could easily off me.shellfish
  20. I found out a few years ago that I have an accessory spleen. I’m not sure why but I like to accessorize so it make sense that I would have one. I also have an extra bone in my foot. Apparently, extra’s are my norm. I’m just glad I have the normal amount of things on my face….however, an extra eye might be an advantage.
  21. I love planning things and being prepared. My purse is larger than most people’s carry-on luggage and I make no apologies because when you need a nail file, tweezers or a baby wipe you will come crawling to me.
  22. I hate rules, therefore I will not be roped into this 25 things crap and I will leave you with only 22 and also, I’d rather be running than doing stuff like this.

Now, tell me one thing about yourself that most people don’t know. (But only one thing or I may have to banish you from the green machine, farting, running, and organizing Kingdom and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that, now would you?)

16 thoughts on “The things you don’t, but really do NEED to know, right now!

    • Planning is definitely my strong point, it also drives the hubby crazy, which sometimes makes me very happy. *evil laughing*

  1. My nephew has a green machine! But that wasn’t my fact about myself..
    Hmm… I really like clean floors. I tell my daughter, “a clean floor is a happy floor!” -_-

    • I love it. My floors are happy today because I cleaned them this morning. Tell your nephew, I’d like to borrow the Green Machine. Please.

  2. I loved this post! My one thing (and it kind of goes with your #8): When I was young I used to play “cooking show.” The first thing I did though, was clean the kitchen so it would be spotless for the “cameras.” Then I would proceed to make a dessert or bread while talking to the camera about what I was doing. My mom was pretty lucky and got a cleaned up kitchen in the process, huh?

  3. i relate to over half of your list! As for #1, did you watch the short-lived, greatest series ever, Rubicon, when it was on? If not, you need to look for it. Last night I searched for it on Netflix and it wasn’t available:(

    Me? OCD compulsion for everything in 3s. When I am stressed or working through a problem I count in 3s. Out loud makes it even more powerful which means I catch myself doing it and have to look around to make sure nobody heard me. Also means I try to break down every number I see into 3s (lottery, license plates, birth dates…). If it can break down into a 3, the stars have aligned.

    Now that may have technically been more that one. PLEASE don’t banish me! 1…2…3 / 4…5…6 / 7…8…9 (now start over Kristin) 🙂

    • LOL, Kristin, I could never banish you, you crack me up and remind me of myself, except I count in pairs, I swear. Oh, and Rubicon….Pure AWESOMENESS! Let’s send a plea to netflix stat! 🙂

  4. LOVED this post! (already knew about the 12-year-old boy one….)
    Well, I have a metal surgical clip in my brain! I’d been hearing stories for years about how I’d had brain surgery when I was just 5 days old–I believe they thought I was hydrocephalic—and just took this as an interesting story to tell. Just about six years ago, though, I had to get a CT scan on my head, just to check out some weird vision problems I’d been having. Well, the next day my family doctor calls me at home AT NIGHT to ask me if there was something about my medical history I hadn’t told him! He then went on to tell me that the CT scan had picked up this surgical clamp! I was shocked and then remembered about this operation I’d had as a baby, which I had totally not thought of mentioning to my doc anytime we’d gotten together. He went on to say how important it was to know this because if I’d ever had an MRI done on my head for any reason it would have been bad news!! Something about metal and magnets, I believe….
    So there you go!

    • Oh dear, thank goodness you didn’t have an MRI. Can you imagine that thing being pulled all around all up in your head? Does your wife know about this metal clip? That could be dangerous information. If my husband had metal in his head, I might keep a high powered magnet on hand just in case he ever got out of line…that’s all I’m sayin’ 🙂

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