Running in the Rain and other Random Things.

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. It’s crazy how fast this week is flying by.

We woke up to rain this morning. It was just a light drizzle at first and so I went out for a run. I only got in 7 miles because half way through it started to downpour and there was a good chance for thunderstorms, including lightning, so I decided to play it safe and head home.

Running in Rain

Heading home was a pretty good idea….because we are currently under a threat of severe weather with a tornado warning.

The news guys get off on that shit. Weather radar is like crack to them. “We’re really seeing the wind shear pick up in this cell here Jim, take a look at this upper level pressure and the atmospheric low’s, this is a recipe for disaster. If you’re outside right now, I’d suggest you move indoors and away from the windows as this storm could get treacherous very quick”.

Weather forecast wrong

Bwahahaha, if I was outside, I highly doubt I’d be watching the cable news, and by quick do you mean faster than the 45 minutes you’ve been talking about this impending disaster? Just checkin.

And then after talking about how ‘slow moving’ this storm is all morning, they do a quick reverse, “Jim, this is a fast-moving cell here and should be all cleared out in the next half hour or so.”

Weather mistakes

Never ever trust a weather forecaster, like, ever.

I rely on my dogs to tell me if the weather is severe, if it is really going to be bad they huddle up in little balls or go hide in closets.

Frank and Beans

Balls out, completely relaxed…..Apparently, the weather is fine.

Despite the alleged tornadic activity, MacGyver and I went to an estate sale today and got some really awesome stuff. We scored an awesome, huge cedar trunk for 30 bucks and I found a very cool lamp for the vacation house. MacGyver also found some gun holsters which should come in handy since we are going to our cabin this weekend.

And speaking of this weekend, since we are going to the cabin, I’ll have to do my long run tomorrow. Not sure how many miles I’ll do yet but sometimes you have to adjust your training due to the weather, work, vacations or other reasons. In this case, I’m doing it because I know MacGyver really wants to go to the cabin and he really wants me to go with him.

Cabin, Suburban Estates, Holopaw

If you’ve seen my post about the cabin, you know the location is not exactly the type of place you’d really want to run in, but there will be plenty of other things to do. I’m really hoping that MacGyver puts in a shower for me but since it took a year to get a toilet, I’m not holding my breath.

How’s your weather today?

Tell me about your run today…fast? slow? Short? Long? I wanna know…

7 thoughts on “Running in the Rain and other Random Things.

  1. Re: the screen-capture of the TV weatherman…the adult, mature part of me saw a forecaster describing very nasty weather. The schoolyard, smart-aleck kid part of me saw some guy holding his own, anatomically-correct, giant flaming phallus. But don’t hold it against me…….just haven’t quite totally grown up yet!

    • We are kindred spirits! You are the only person who mentioned it and that’s the main reason I posted it. It’s hilarious and don’t worry I have the sense of humor of a typical twelve year old boy. 🙂 Why else would I put phallic symbols and dogs balls in the same post? Because it’s freakin funny. 🙂 And I don’t plan on ever growing up 😉

      • lol I am SO glad you feel that way! Cuz right after I clicked the “post comment” button I thought “Oh oh…maybe you shouldna done that, Bri!” And I was going to make a comment about your dog’s balls too…just forgot.

  2. I just love running in the rain – if it’s hot out and i’ve already had a few miles in. I hear ya on the weather man – usually they predict warm fronts, cold fronts and storms pretty well but never really know how much snow, or the actual temp.. that dog of yours is too funny, i know other dogs that sleep like that.. doesn’t look too relaxing to me, but it might not be too much different from a human laying on their back :0)

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