Monday morning and pictures of the most beautiful place.

Monday Baby

I couldn’t resist. That face, I just die.

I hope your week is off to a good start and that you had a great weekend. As you may know we spent the weekend in Venice. It was epic. Not only did I get to run on my favorite trail but the weather was just insane. And by insane, I mean beautiful.

boating in Venice

That would be my legs which are resting on the boat. You can’t see it but my fishing pole is on the right and wine on the left!

The water was so clear that you could actually see the fish as we caught them, no lie.

Venice Inlet

It reminded me of the Keys. The water was as blue as could be and crystal clear. We were in heaven. MacGyver caught 2 huge sheephead and we grilled them for dinner last night. I absolutely love hanging out on the boat down in Venice because there is always so much going on at the inlet. At any given time, there will be yachts, paddleboards, kayaks and speedboats, all in the water at the same time.

Venice Inlet The Venice Inlet

It was perfect. It’s pretty inviting, isn’t it?

Venice Florida House

Venice, Florida

We got home last night just in time for the Walking Dead and Norman. Norman Reedus. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Norman. I was talking to one of my friends this morning and she actually said she didn’t think Norman was hot. WHAT?

Oh no you di ent

We are no longer friends.

This morning I ran 5 miles in 57 degrees with 100% humidity but I am not going to complain because compared to the rest of the world, I think we have some pretty stellar weather.

How’s your weather right now?

Did you watch the Walking Dead?

8 thoughts on “Monday morning and pictures of the most beautiful place.

  1. Wow. Girl you are livin’ it up! The weather here in central Cali has been rainy but we desperately need it! And I really don’t mind the rain.

  2. As for the weather I’m just north of you a few hours. So same sunny life. Session starts tomorrow in our little Village of Tallahassee, so it will be the Walking Dead for the next 3 months!. LOL

  3. The weather here is -15C (you do the math, I’m tired of it lol)
    I see the Walking Dead every day, they’re quite often huddled by the bus stop….
    BTW made mention of you in one of my most recent blog posts, the one about the “8K Photo Essay”, if you hadn’t read it!
    Nice pics (you’re so MEAN! lol)

    • What? I really wanted to see the deer carcasses, I was so looking forward to that. What’s a running photo essay without deer carcasses?
      And we have the Walking Dead here too, in practically every neighborhood. In fact, they even have some of their own communities…oh wait, those are retirees…bwahahaha -15C hmmmm, yeah, no thanks, I would die.

      • I would have had to have crawled over a large snowbank (I know, it’s a little hard for you to relate…) to get the carcass pic, so I refrained lol. The good news is that, with the temps at -15C, the deer carcass will STILL be there for my next run. Perhaps next time I’ll make the effort! I also assume that some of the Walking Dead down there are Canucks, so please don’t blow them away if they get too close!!

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