I’ve got a computer, a television and hot running water, it must be Monday!

We’re back from our trip to the cabin. It wasn’t a really long trip but we packed in a bunch of things.

I mowed the entire property, 3 acres of mowing, good times.


MacGyver may or may not have obtained several oranges. We were worried about someone seeing the stash so we had to put someone in charge who could quickly dispose of them if necessary, Boomer was up for the job. He may have misunderstood the task because he ate a couple of them before it was actually necessary.


We also did quite a bit of shooting….


The range

the buried foot

Not sure where that foot came from 😉

While I love going out there it’s also good to be back. It’s pretty remote, and there is no internet, no power, no running water and no grocery stores or any other places within close proximity. In fact, it takes 30 minutes just to get from the parking lot to our property.

When we got there early saturday morning, I took the wash tub out of the sink under the pitcher pump and look what was hiding in there:

green tree frog

He was so incredibly green.

The dogs are always excited when we get to the cabin. They love it. Boomer has his own sofa and he even lets Hank sit with him on occasion.

dogs in the cabin

Dog Brothers

MacGyver and I sleep in one of the lofts. It’s very high up and Boomer can’t get up there which is why he has a sofa. We carry Hank up with us because he can’t sleep if he isn’t sleeping with Mommy. He even sleeps in my lap by the campfire.

sleeping in the cabin

view from the loft

But by far one of the best things about going to the cabin is that MacGyver does ALL of the cooking. All of it! The worst part about this is that I always seem to come home weighing more than I did when I left. How is it possible to gain 5 pounds in 48 hours?

MacGyver cooks breakfast

We didn’t take our ATV’s or our motorcycles this time because we were only going to be there for a short time and we had a lot of work to do on the cabin. Fortunately you don’t need an ATV or motorcycle to go mudding.

The Cabin

Muddin in Holowpaw, suburban estate

On the way out, the air was full of the most flavorful scent in the world and it’s all from this tiny little blossom that grows on the orange trees.

orange blossom

I love going to the cabin but I’m glad to be home. I really missed my computer and hot running water and television, but mostly, I missed running.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like to go camping? Cabin or Tent?

6 thoughts on “I’ve got a computer, a television and hot running water, it must be Monday!

  1. I would love to have a cabin for a getaway! We have a camping trailer that we just bought so that’ll be nice to camp in instead of a tent. I love camping but I hate how dirty a tent can get.
    Your cabin looks like the perfect little getaway!

    • It is pretty cool. The best part is having our own shooting range and mud trails to ride. We are still working on the pond and the running water and stuff but we’ll get there…:)

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