First post injury run with an epic message in the sky!

Yesterday I went to work with MacGyver and the most awesome thing happened….I didn’t want’ to kill him. I know. It was insane. But seriously, how can you have a bad work day with views like this:

Water Views

St. Pete, Florida

Epic, isn’t it?

We were working in Vina Del Mar which is close to Pasadena in St. Petersburg. MacGyver replaced some sliding doors and a few panes of glass. My job was to bring tools and sweep up the dust. I swept a lot. I didn’t mind. Sadly, sweeping is fun to me. Yeah, I know, I’m that girl.

There was a white heron that followed me around the entire day. Imagine that, birds following me around, crazy, right?

Florida White Heron

After we finished the job MacGyver took me to lunch at a neat little restaurant on the water. The food was great but the scenery was spectacular.

Sea Critters

Restaurant view

The best part about working with MacGyver is that he doesn’t mind stopping at Garage Sales on the way to, and from work, which makes me pretty happy. Yesterday we scored the best papasan chair for Boomer and he obviously loves it because he slept in it all night long.

Boomers new chair

And now let me tell you about the best thing ever.

This morning was my scheduled day to go running again after a week off. I was a bit apprehensive because my hips are not at 100% but I also know that without tons of strength training they won’t be at 100% for a while. So, I decided to just go out really slow and play it by ear.

I scheduled 3 miles and I promised myself that I would be good to myself and not push it.

Florida Running Blogs

And that’s exactly what I did. I felt tight and any time I tried to lengthen my stride it felt a bit uncomfortable, so I kept it slow and easy. I won’t lie, I had to quiet my inner voice and tell myself not to push it and it was hard.

Isn’t it funny how you struggle with your head a bit more than your body at times?

Anyway, I ran 3.1 miles this morning. I ran slow but I was grateful to be able to run. It was the perfect way to start the day. And then most epic thing appeared in the sky afterwards and I wanted to share it with you:

Sky Writing

What’s the best thing that happened to you this morning?

10 thoughts on “First post injury run with an epic message in the sky!

  1. Great sign in the sky. I have a little tightness in my right hip. Using a roller on my ITband normally does the trick.

    • I’m rollin’ like Snoop Dog in a Cheech and Chong movie but it’s not quite there yet….to be continued. 😉

  2. I hope you heal quickly! Injuries are no fun..
    That’s a pretty sweet sign!
    And great idea for a dog bed! Our neighbor is selling a chair just like that for ten dollars!

    • It’s the perfect bed for Boomer. He fits right in it and I have to say, last night was the first night we had the entire bed to ourselves and I could actually stretch out, 🙂

  3. Yay for running again! Have you heard of neural flossing exercises? It’s a super easy technique where you either sit in a chair and slowly raise one leg to the point where it starts to get tight and stop right then and repeat for a certain amount of reps for each leg or lie on your back with you legs bent and do the same thing. You can find videos or articles online that will give you a better description than I’m giving, but I was having some sciata problems that were causing my hips to be extremely tight and no stretching or foam rolling was working for it, so I do what I always do when I’m desperate or just looking for anything to fix my problem, I googled (because google fixes everything, right? 😉 ) but this actually did work for me so I thought I might suggest it.

    • Thanks Hailey, I will totally try it. I’m willing to do just about anything at this point. I lifted weights tonite and I can tell there is serious weakness so I’m hoping the weight lifting will help too. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  4. That’s awesome! Hope you get past your hips ailment. What are you doing for strength training in regards to your hips?

    • Thanks! I’ve been doing lots of stretching and bridges and all of things in this video and it seems to be working for me so far, but I also use a tennis ball to work out the area sometimes. I am going to go back to weight training tonite. I’m crossing my fingers it helps too. 🙂

      • Nice… there are a lot of good hip flexor exercises for strengthening and maintenance. I suffer from bad hips also, but its because I’m both a long distance and short distance (sprinter) runner. What gives me the most trouble is my psoas. About once a month now, I go and see my chiro and he does ART (active release techniques) to really get in there and work my psoas. He tries to re-lengthen and stretches them out. You can find some good ART for psoas on the youtube also. Hope you get better. I enjoy your blog! I found you on one of RER’s comments and thought your comment was pretty hilar =). Keep up the good work! Stay blessed!

        • Thank you so much. I’ve seen some of your comments on there and your pretty funny yourself. I am going to look into this ART, that sounds like it would help tremendously and I need all the help I can get 😉

          Glad you found me and I hope you keep coming back.

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