Diet Fail, a Good Run and chance to win a free entry into a Sold Out Race.

I am not one of those people, you know, who weigh themselves every day and then obsess over what the scale says. I just think there’s something inherently wrong with that. I know, because I used to do that, years ago when I was stupid and all of 98 pounds. I did say years ago.

Nowadays I step on the scale once or maybe twice a month, that’s it. I try to eat healthy, exercise regularly and I don’t deny myself treats every now and then. Up until now that’s been a pretty good system but something went awry this month because when I stepped on the scale yesterday, I was sort of shocked at the 7 pound difference…and it wasn’t in my favor, yikes! I thought back to the weeks past.

Liar Scale

Maybe I had taken a few more rest days….or sat on my butt a bit more. Maybe I wasn’t eating all that healthy or I should have skipped the cream cheese frosting. So I looked over my calendar. I did take rest days but no more than usual and I was less active but not a lot less and I did slack a little in the healthy eating but not that much. I could have cut back on the treats, maybe I could have had a spoonful of cream cheese frosting instead of the entire container but hey, what’s done is done.

This month, I’m gonna clean it up a little.

Anyway, I was pretty motivated to run today so I got out there and plowed out a little over 9 miles and I’ll be honest, I wanted to stop at mile 3 and then mile 4. I felt heavy and my legs felt tired even though yesterday was a rest day…I felt like this:

funny running dogs

I felt good after that until mile 5 and then I wanted to stop again but I fought through it and by mile 6 I was feeling great so I kept going until mile 9 and then I ran back towards my house and ended at 9:15. I felt great at the end and I was proud of myself for getting my motivation back today.

sucking sucks

I’ve been a little stressed about my running this week because I’m running a half marathon on Sunday. This is one of those races I’ve wanted to run forever and I am so lucky I got in because it’s sold out.

The First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon and Relay is known for its great scenic course over the John Ringling Causeway with breathtaking views. The medal and tech shirt are also pretty sweet. But I’ve wanted to run this race because it’s near my house in Venice and everyone that I’ve met who runs down there tells me that this race is hands down one of the best you will ever run and that I should make it a priority. And the best advice I get when it comes to running races is always from other runners.

This year I was lucky enough to be able to run in this race and I was also lucky enough to receive an email yesterday with the best news ever, and I’m going to share it with you now.

Sarasota half free entry

That’s right, you could win an entry into the Sold Out First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon and Relay! Enter here and Good Luck! I would love to see you there!

What would you do if you gained more than 5 extra pounds in a short period of time?

Has that ever happened to you?

17 thoughts on “Diet Fail, a Good Run and chance to win a free entry into a Sold Out Race.

  1. I try not to worry about a few pounds as it fluctuates so much based on water and food, I am sure you will be fine again. 5lbs is pretty easy to work off again with a week of good decisions 🙂 Just get lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, and I am sure you will be back to normal. I am glad you struggled through your run, it is those days that make you stronger. My latest workout was a killer, but I survived and was so proud of the pace I ran for 14 miles!

    I often put on a few pounds here or there when i go out to eat a lot, but like I said, I think it comes off again if you make good decisions. keep up the good work, you will be fine….and besides summer is coming, so that makes it easier to run more 🙂

    • Good Decisions are what I need to work on 😉 because I felt every ounce of those pounds this weekend during my half marathon but I’m learning from it.

  2. I never weigh myself because the numbers on the scale lie and my weight fluctuates. I typically sit around 135 which sounds like a lot but I wear a size 4 so I guess I good. It’s all muscle, right? Sure. Whatever.

    Sarasota is one of my favorite races. The bridges are tough but it is so much fun. You will have a blast. I can’t wait to hang with you again at another race!

    • Me too! I am so excited. I am a bit worried about the bridges but I’m just going to take my time and pace myself. Can’t wait to see you again and meet some of the other bloggers! 🙂

    • It definitely has to do with the eating in my situation but I say that as I just polished off a tablespoon of vanilla icing, my bad 🙁

  3. Haha, love the pup pic. Ya, my weight bounces all over the place apparently based on how exactly the stars are aligned at that moment. It changes by a few pound in the same day!

    • OMG, that is me exactly. According to the oh so intelligent honey boo boo clan, the more you fart the more weight you lose? hmmmmmm. 😉

  4. If I gained five pounds in a short amount of time I’d probably panic at first then get back on track to lose it.
    I’ve lost a little over 40 lbs so I definitely don’t want to go backwards!
    Have a great race!! Too bad I don’t live in Florida. Oh and I’m still only running a mile Haha there’s that little problem.

  5. Yes it has happened to me. Like you I don’t really worry about it. I get weighed when I go to the doctors and that’s the only time. Way back when they started that whole BMI thing I gave up. According to that I should weight 165 pounds. I would look sickly at that weight.

    As runners we all know our knees are the first to tell us when we have gained weight.

    • Oh, that would be AWESOME! Is it Stacy from Artsnark? I have a house in Venice and I was hoping to invite everyone over after buy my neice is coming to town on sprink break with 6 friends! I’m still trying to work something out though…I’ll let you know. 🙂

  6. That photo is AMAZING! I love it and have felt that way MANY times! 🙂

    I used to be obsessive about the scale too. Now, it’s something that is only done sometimes for health reasons…Look how far we have come!

    • I seriously hate scales….I wish we could banish them all and realize that no weight or height is perfect and our health is not determined by a number on a scale…

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