A 10 mile Run, boot camp farts and peacocks, in that order.

Hello. Happy Tuesday. Did you run yet? I went for a weekday long, slow run this morning. I ran ten miles at around a 10:06 pace. It was nice. Sometimes, I have to tell myself to slow down but I didn’t have to this morning, I just relaxed and enjoyed it.

I meant to do some cross training yesterday but I never got around to it. I hope I can make that more of a priority. Unfortunately, I tend to feel the tinge of an injury and then I start cross training like a boss…for a few days, and then once I start to feel better, I stop the cross training.

What is wrong with me

I know Adam, I know.

I was thinking about it today while I was running. I was thinking about what type of cross training I might like to do. Several years ago, when boot camp workouts were new and all the rage, I took a class. There was a husband and wife team who taught classes at a park near my house and it looked like fun. I had heard some great things about them so I called and they offered me a free class to try it out.

Hello, It's free!

The class was fun except for the Burpees. I hate burpees. I can’t help it, I just do.

I hate this part Burpee

And this part

Burpee 2

And this part

Burpee 3

Oh, And this part

Burpee 4

I suppose I could just say I hate the whole burpee but I am not one of those god awful drama queens.

Other than the burpees, the class was a blast and it didn’t hurt that the instructor had a great sense of humor. Every time she jumped up, when she landed, she farted. I found this hilarious. Of course I’ve got the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old boy so of course I would think it was funny, but it was funny. And if you’ve ever been to one of those boot camp classes, you know there is a lot of jumping up and down. Somewhere near the end of the class, this was me:

I'm gonna pee

Yes, it was fun and I laughed my ass off, unfortunately that was years ago and that lovely instructor moved back up North. Anywho, the long and drawn out point is, I need to get me some cross training, stat!

I have one last thing to share with you. This morning after coming back from my long run I had a visitor.

peacock 7

Peacock 2

Peacock 1


I think he wants to move in but the dogs aren’t having it. Oh well, it’s still nice to see him when he comes by in the morning and who knows maybe one day the dogs will embrace his beauty just as I do…nah, probably not.

What type of cross training do you do?

How often do you cross train?

Do you love the peacock?

9 thoughts on “A 10 mile Run, boot camp farts and peacocks, in that order.

  1. The reason I got into triathlon a year ago was, initially, just the desire to mix in some cross training. While I’ve definitely been bitten by that bug and do tris more than I was expecting to, its improved my running and I attribute it, at least in part, to me being injury free the past 16 months

  2. The burpee pics made me laugh so hard! I actually love burpees, well, as much as you can love them!! I do a lot of yoga, spinning, and lifting as my cross training. I cross train 3x a week and run 3x a week, that schedule seems to work best for me at this point.

    • I need your motivation for cross training, I just have such a hard time with it….maybe because after running, I work all day on the computer (which equates to sitting on my tuckus) and then I just can’t motivate myself again…

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