The Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Expo

Yesterday I drove to Tampa to the Public Gasparilla Distance Classic Expo to pick up my race bag and bib for the Half Marathon that I’m running on Sunday morning.

I planned on going early but the day got away from me and then MacGyver said he would come with me so we headed out around 3:00pm.

Gasparilla Race Expo

Yeah, we left at 3pm which means I missed THE Bart Yasso… 🙁 I did comb the entire expo looking for him but he was nowhere to be found. He probably hides from stalkers anyway, not that I’m a stalker…anywho…

One of the first things that you see when you enter the expo is a wall with the names of all the runners. People were crowded all around it trying to find their names.

The runners names

And it took some time but guess what I found:

My Name on Gasparilla runners wall

There were alot of exhibitors. Unfortunately, I didn’t really need anything and MacGyver was there to ensure I didn’t buy anything, (oh joy), but it was still fun to walk around and look at all the neat stuff.

Gasparilla Race Expo

Gasparilla Race Expo

Gasparilla Race Expo

Parking for the expo was kind of crazy and there was a ton of traffic in Tampa at the time we got there so MacGyver was in a hurry to head home. Since he wasn’t much of a ‘Trooper’ I was ‘force’d to find others:

Storm Troopers, may the force be with you!

We left around 5pm. There was a sweet little girl scout outside the expo selling cookies so I bought some silence from MacGyver for the ride home.

Tomorrow, I shall run for the booty….hopefully it will be a good race and I’ll be able to harness my Jedi Knight Powers….

Have a great weekend!

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  1. good luck and have fun! I LOVE running expos. I don’t run enough (or competitively) enough to warrant me buying things but I always want to… and sometimes I do. EEEK! I never take the Man because I know he’ll stop me from spending needless money he he he

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