So, a Florida Running Blogger walks into an Expo….


So in case you didn’t figure it out already, I went to the Best Damn Race Expo today. The race is tomorrow.

Best Damn Race Packet Pickup

You probably can’t tell by the pictures but it’s still freakin raining here. It’s been raining pretty much since Wednesday and I’d have to say that I about over it. I already ran a half marathon last Sunday IN THE RAIN. I’m not really looking forward to running in the rain again but I probably don’t have much of a choice.

the weekly forecast

I’m not so much upset about the weather as I am the shitty job the newscasters do at predicting it, because people please, if you don’t know what the weather is going to be like in 24 or 48 hours fine, just don’t try to predict it because you’re always wrong and it’s annoying. Seriously. I can look outside my window and tell whats going on without your input.


The expo started at noon today and ran through 7pm. I waited until almost 3 to head over because I was hoping the rain would let up.

Best Damn Race Expo

It did not.

Best Damn Race Tents

Can you see the Safety Harbor Marina Pier in the background? You may remember it from about 9000 of my photos, Hehe.

Best Damn Race Expo Vendors

I felt bad for the vendors because it was rainy and wet and I hope tomorrow morning goes a bit better for them.

The 10K starts at 6:45 and the half starts at 7:15. The 5K is scheduled for 9am.

Best Damn Race Start

Anyhow, I am looking forward to this race, it’s not called the Best Damn Race for nothing. And it’s 5 minutes from my house, booyah! I love Safety Harbor, obviously, but more than that…I get to run by my favorite tree..

The Safety Harbor Old Tree

It’s so majestic looking up close isn’t it?

Old Tree

And it’s very old. No, really it is. It even tells you that it’s old, see:

I'm an old tree

Now, I need to get some sleep because tomorrow is going to be so much fun ….. even if it rains!


Are you racing this weekend?

Do you like to race in the rain?

14 thoughts on “So, a Florida Running Blogger walks into an Expo….

    • No rain, just cloudy, foggy and 100% humidity! But it was the best damn race! I really enjoyed it and I’ll do a recap in a day or two…

    • LOL, I call it ‘the mossy oak’ but I think it’s just and old Florida Oak Tree. Sadly I’ve never gotten past the “I’m an Old Tree, please don’t walk on me” No videos today, the hubs is sick as are the in-laws so everyone stayed home today. (which is okay by me because I don’t want to get sick). I’m gonna do a recap in a day or two. It was a fun race.

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