Life interrupted my run, damn it!

I have to admit that I haven’t really stepped on my scale in a few months. I don’t get too crazy with that type of info. As long as I’m staying active, eating reasonably healthy, and I can button my pants, I don’t care what the scale says. That being said, after all of the hullabaloo over the Biggest Loser’s final weight of 105, I got a little curious this morning and I decided to step on my scale. Do you wanna know what it said??

Really? You Do?

Well, it said….


Go Run Scale

Now besides my psychic about the only other person, or thing, I listen to is my scale so I did just that and I went for a run. (Please note that last sentence is chock full of sarcasm, I don’t give a shit what my scale says!) This morning was one of those runs that made me forget all about my craptastic run of yesterday. This morning’s run was a perfect 6 mile progression run starting with a warm up mile in 10:28 and ending with an 8:39 mile. I could have kept going too except that I had a work meeting so I had to get back home. This morning felt like one of those days when life interferes with my running.

I kid.

But speaking of Nike and since it is Throw back Thursday…I totally rocked these shoes back in the day!

Vintage Blue Nike

Now, if you picture those shoes with tube socks and a pair of track shorts with white piping and a tube top you’ve pretty much seen every picture of me in the family album. You can also watch all the old 80’s episodes of American Bandstand, that’ll pretty much cover any other fashion mistakes trends I followed in my misguided youth.

Thankfully, I don’t wear anything nearly as embarrassing as I used to. Now, I just do embarrassing things but only so that I can embarrass my family. There has to be some sort of retaliation for those family photos!

It's my Little Duece Poop!

It’s my Little Duece Poop!

Did you rock Nike’s back in the day? Which ones?

What other embarrassing trends did you follow?

16 thoughts on “Life interrupted my run, damn it!

  1. Wow, if I had pics for Throwback Thursday. . . let’s just say I’m glad I don’t. Fitness was definitely not a priority for me in the eighties, but spiral perms and high bangs were.

  2. I want a toilet go-cart! My hubby keeps saying we should get scooters so we can zip down to the bar and restaurants nearby easier. I tell him that drunk scooter-driving is a bad idea. But I think I could get behind drunk toilet driving!

  3. I remember wearing a pair of my moms hightop Reebok’s to school..once. I thought they were so cool, then one person made fun of me and I never wore them again. They even had a velcro strap! Oh, and my mom used to do our (mine and my two sisters) hair in SIDE PONYTAILS! Per our request. *shudder*…

    • I cant run in Nike’s either but I do have a pair of nike flex that I wear for casual days…like my brooks pure flow 2’s are formal or something, ha!

  4. I wore overalls pretty much every day when I was younger. And…I have to admit I kinda wish they were back in style haha they were so stinkin’ comfortable! Now I just live in workout clothes for the most part so I guess that kind of makes up for it 🙂

    • bwah ha ha, I love it! I had the Puma’s too. I actually bought the green suede a few years ago when i was in a vintage stage….see, I’m still attempting to be fashionable.

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