Friday Fitness Funnies for Free :)

Happy Friday! And do you know what the best part of Friday is? Well its the Friday Fitness Funnies of course. But, before you read the funnies which I so graciously provide to you free of charge, regularly, on Friday, I’d like to make a request…..don’t worry I don’t need your money and you don’t have to go vote for anyone. 🙂

This is just my quarterly request that you follow me on twitter @googlejunkie because I’m pretty cool and I don’t tweet random stupid shit. Nope, when I tweet, I tweet to thrill! And as a bonus, I follow back, unlike some other people because I truly have love for ya. And if you want me to really feel the love, you can like my facebook page. Or not. I’m perfectly happy if you just want to drop by and read up occasionally, I still love you.

Some of you may know I had an exercise fail this week. I didn’t feel so bad after seeing these…

Treadmill Fail Weight Lifting Fail

And these are pretty funny too:

Another Treadmill Fail

Why does she not move out of the way?

And celebrities can be funny:

Tina Fey


Brad Pitt

Why is Brad Pitt sexy even when he’s being dorky? So not fair!

And what about the 80’s? The 80’s were definitely a bad decade for exercise and fashiion…see what I mean…

Eighties Fitness Eighties fitness routines

And here’s a few more randoms:

1238119_607301612672896_1343410628_a a-philosoraptor-funny-memes drollnation-funny-memes-skeptical-kid-15576-500x511 Exercise funny-gifs-work-it-girl h7E63E392 imagesCAOQSYKUHave a fabulous weekend and be sure to get in a good workout but remember:

no one wants to hearWhat are your plans for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “Friday Fitness Funnies for Free :)

  1. These are great! The first two… Are we sure those people aren’t goners? Ouch!

    I have a race on Sunday, and then if the snow stays north of us, I’m driving to my mom’s house to visit her for the week!

    • Good luck at your race, I’m sure you’ll kick some butt 🙂 And I hope the snow stays away so you can visit your Mom.

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