A tree almost killed me, it must be WTF Wednesday!

My blog is still receiving loads of hits daily for search terms that include ‘pee her pants’ and variations of it. While I am super impressed with the amount of visits I get from this, it’s a little disappointing that they weren’t really intending to read my little ol running blog and it’s rather disturbing when you think about what their intentions were in the first place.

wetting the pants

But moving on…

MacGyver gave Boomer, our black lab, a sponge bath this morning. Apparently, this was super exciting for Hank the dachshund because he’s been humping Boomer ever since. I realize this is highly inappropriate but I have spent a good part of the morning trying to capture the event on video, at which point I will probably upload it to instagram and youtube for the entire World to enjoy.

You go right ahead and judge me because I have seen it and it’s freakin hilarious, it’s a 10 pound dog trying to mount a huge 120 pound dog and he is serious! When I make a bajillion dollars from my ad space sales and my future appearances on Good Morning America and the like, I’ll say I told you so. We won’t be having any labshun’s though because both of my dogs are boys… a point which is completely lost on Hank, obviously.

This morning I ran 6 very slow miles around the neighborhood. With a dew point of 71 and 100% humidity it felt so sticky it was hard to breath. I drank 2 bottles of water in a half hour and then called it quits. It was by far one of the most miserable runs I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The absolute worst combination for human comfort is when you have a dew point over 65F coupled with high relative humidity, as in 100%. Hello today.Fortunately we are getting a brief cool down which means the breeze picked up this afternoon. Unfortunately it blew a huge tree limb down in the dogs play area, (while I was cleaning it), and it missed my head by about 3 inches. MacGyver and I couldn’t even lift it over the fence so we’ll be cutting that bitch up with a chainsaw later on. Firewood anyone?

Funny Scale

Lastly, did anyone catch the season finale of the biggest loser? I never watch the show but I did see the news coverage after they revealed the winner and apparently people were shocked. I watched the video and I have to agree. I think that girl went too far with her weight loss. Keep in mind when you watch that TV tends to add a bit of weight and now consider that this girl is 5’4. I don’t normally put too much thought into what a scale sales because there are too many other variables to consider but I think 105 lbs was a bit low for that girl and I didn’t think she looked very healthy, that’s all.

This concludes WTF Wednesday, I need to get back to work, I’ve got some doggie porn to film.

What did you think about the biggest loser’s weight loss?

27 thoughts on “A tree almost killed me, it must be WTF Wednesday!

  1. I will add to any inappropriateness and ask…Do you think he was doing it because Boomer looks so hot now? or perhaps because he just witnessed a “sponge bath”? 🙂 Whatever reason, it is hilarious and how can you not laugh? The tree limb incident is scary. Glad you and the pups weren’t hurt. I haven’t watched Biggest Loser in a few years. Seems they go to some crazy extremes at the end. That’s thin! This is what happens when money is involved. Still like to see the changes.

    • It’s funny you mention that because one of my friends actually said, ‘wouldn’t you lose that much for the money?’ Truth is, I’d probably be able to slide under a door if someone paid me 250,000 bucks to lose weight and win a contest, ha! 🙂

      Oh, and I think Hank was completely enamored by the sheen on Boomer’s coat…he’s a sucker for clean and shiny hair, what can I say…

      • Oh, I would do it for less money than that:-P I am not above it! I Goggled the gal in question and she is pretty darn thin. She mentions her calories, but doesn’t talk about the hourly burns she does. Either way, hats off to her for the accomplishment

  2. I just watched it last night. She’s supposed to be an athlete and a swimmer. I’ve never seen a swimmer’s body look like that. She lost weight to the point of loosing muscle. She very well could have a problem. I feel sad for her. I didn’t see her dad in the audience, only her mom. I wonder if there is another issue there again..

    • I thought that too. Most of the swimmers I know are very muscular. Losing muscle is not a good thing, at least not in my book….

  3. The pic of Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels and their horrified expressions told me what I needed to know. Keep in mind, I think they contribute enough to the whole harmful “trick” aspect to losing weight. How many times in the past (I actually haven’t watched in years) did Bob Harper talk about “playing the game”?

  4. We have tiny Pug that used to try to hump our Rot. Funny as all!!!

    I do not watch Biggest Loser. But I also saw the news. That girl was way too skinny.

  5. I love that you wrote about the pee search words people are using to find your blog, and also about your dogs humping habits in the same post. Give it a few days and someone will be landing here with the search “video dogs humping” 😉
    I did watch the whole season of the BL and was shocked by last night. Although, I thought Tumi looked about as unhealthy as Rachel. It was too much. I hope they both that extreme just to win and will find a healthy balance in real life now that the show is over.

  6. Hey Flower…can’t wait to catch the doggie porn…..we had a gay cocker spaniel that we tried to mate, he refused and from then on always humped any male “human” legs he could find….lol…we love our pets tough dont we! And yes I saw the Biggest Loser ( only saw it a few times in the season) and yeah the winner looked SO thin ( and that’s with tv adding 10 lbs). I always wonder if they starve themselves, do a colon cleanse or whatever before the big weigh in …..I’m just eating for one of them to strip naked because their clothes weigh a few ounces! And on a final note, I too struggled with a run this am , humidity was AWFUL but squeaked in 9 LONG miles !

    • 9 miles! Go Cheryl! That’s awesome. I was going to attempt 10 tomorrow but I have a very early meeting so Im not going to stress if I don’t. I will also know for sure about Gasparilla tomorrow so I’ll let you know. Are you thinking of running the half?

      • Yep I’m thinking the half (just because the medal is SO awesome) but would love to just be lazy and run the 8k ! Just let me know….we have GOT to run one together!

        • I will. I’ll pm you on facebook. I’d like to be lazy and dot the 8k too but you know me…I’m a sucker for a half!

  7. WTF indeed! I hear about the Biggest Loser winner on the two this morning. The female DJ thought she’d lost too much, while the male DJs thought she liked great. I haven’t seen the pics, so I have no opinion. Just thought it was interesting. 105 does seem quite low for 5’4″ though. I’m 5’4″ myself and 125 would be as low as I’d ever want to go. But a lot goes into that number beyond fat.

    • I was skeptical that maybe people were just being catty but then I saw the video and I was actually stunned at first. For a show that preaches healthy weight loss, she didn’t look healthy at all.

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