15 Miles along the Venetian Waterway and Legacy Trail With Pictures!

This morning we woke up in Venice and I decided to hit up my favorite trails and get some miles in. I had 18 on my mind but apparently, I was out of my mind because 15 was all I could manage. That’s okay, I got 15 done. So there’s that.

Venice Florida Sky

This is how the sky looked when I left this morning. It was a brilliant pink. Beautiful!

running in Venice

Here’s an action shot. The only action shot since I’m the one taking the pictures..

Venetian Waterway

I started near the Venice Train Depot and ran the Venetian Waterway Trail first.

Venetian Waterway Trail

Can you see my reflection? I totally meant to do that. Okay, maybe not.

Venice Train Depot

You can see the Venice Train Depot on the right.

Venice Train Depot

A close up yet blurry picture of the depot. Sweaty hands do not take the best pictures, fyi.

Venetian Waterway

This is the Venetian Waterway. It’s so pretty, unfortunately I got rained on for about 20 minutes but no biggie.

Venetian Waterway Park

As you can see from the picture, the views here are just horrible. Imagine having to look at this all day, I mean, really!

Venetian Waterway Park

More Water Views….This is the Intracoastal Waterway.

Bridge on Venetian Waterway

This is a bridge you run under. I have no idea where the bridge goes because I ran under it and I’ve never actually been on it so I have no info for you on the bridge.

Venetian Waterway Trail

More of those Water Views….That’s the thing about Florida, we have a lot of water oh, and sunshine….

Legacy Trail

After 9 miles on the Venetian Waterway Trail, I hit the Legacy Trail

running on trails

This trail goes from Venice all the way to Sarasota. I didn’t go all the way to Sarasota today but I have before and that’s how I know.

Trail bridges

The Legacy Trail has a lot of these little bridges over the water. I love them, I wish I had some in my backyard.


Of course, if I had these bridges in my yard, I still wouldn’t have this view….

Running Hills

This is a beautiful part of the trail and it goes over US41 but it’s a very steep incline and I don’t exactly love it….

Trail Bridge

This is the top. Now, I love it again.

Trail Bridge

Headed toward another cool little bridge…

Legacy Trail

Isn’t this peaceful? I wish everyone I know could run this with me. I love it so much.

Legacy Trail

If you can handle the views, it’s a perfect trail to run on. That was sarcasm by the way. Don’t hate!

Shackett Creek

And this is the last picture, because someone forgot to put my phone on the charger and it died.

And that was my 15 miles, done! Now it’s time to go party with the family. I see some boating and some drum circles in my future….

What are you doing today?

Did you go on a long run? Or Race?

8 thoughts on “15 Miles along the Venetian Waterway and Legacy Trail With Pictures!

  1. lol I’m going to sign myself up for the Flower Jovia Stop-And-Take-A-Pic-Every-Mile15 Mile Training Plan today!! It’s about the most innovative one out there! As per usual, I’m extremely jealous of where you live!

    • LOL, I’m secretly hoping the Florida Tourism division see’s my potential and hires me as it’s personal running ambassador because, I’m pretty sure I’d rock that job! 🙂

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