WTF Wednesday and Oh was it….

WTF? Wednesday, why yes, yes it is….

Obviously slothing around all day and eating mounds of junk food was good for me because I ran 4 miles with fartleks this morning, and some of those fartleks were pretty fast, well, for me anyway. I was really stoked about it because it must mean I can eat lots more junk food and take many more days off, no?

Zombies hate fast food

Moving on.

I discovered I needed some bleach today and so I decided to go to the cheapest store on Earth besides Wal-Mart to get some. I went to the Dollar Tree. You would think 5 minutes would be sufficient to run in, grab bleach, pay, and leave. Nope. First, I had to deal with the personal trainer who wanted to ‘train me’ and was not taking a hint when I said, No, absolutely not. Then I had to deal with the cashier whose life story I am now all too familiar with, so that 5 minutes turned into 35 minutes in hell.

Dollar Store Shopping

If you don’t need any bleach but you’d like to be a therapist to a girl who works 2 jobs, goes to school full-time and has a hard time sleeping; or if you’d like a date with a personal trainer who can not only motivate you but also take you out for some ‘stellar dinner’, email me and I’ll give you the address of my local dollar tree. It’s all waiting for you.

fast food fingers

After the dollar tree, I decided to hit up Checkers. See: junk food makes you run faster. Also See: Glutton for punishment

I ordered food and 2 ice cream waffle cones, one for me, and one for me and MacGyver. So the cashier hands me the ice cream and walks away. She comes back about a minute later when the ice cream has started to drip and says, ‘can you pull forward, I’ll bring your food out in just a sec’. By now, I’ve already licked both ice cream cones so it’s not like I can hand them back. 5 minutes later she brings out the food while smoking a cigarette! I wish I was kidding!


I had already power eaten one ice cream and the other was half melted when she handed me the food and said, ‘I know I’m smoking but I swear I didn’t touch any of your food.’ Really? Wow. Just, WOW.

Who trains these people? Not just for work, but for life in general. I mean seriously, WTF?

So how was your day? Did you have any WTF moments?

16 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday and Oh was it….

    • Thanks Sara, oddly enough, I tend to have quite a few days like that but it’s okay, I’ve got a great sense of humor because of it…LOL

  1. Wow. I would’ve been so grossed out..
    I didn’t have a moment like that today. Thankfully.
    Yikes! Creepy guy in the dollar store! People freak me out now-a-days. I keep my distance from most people to avoid awkward conversations.

    • LOL, I used to think I was the socially awkward one, still do actually, I guess there are just a lot more wierdos nowadays.

  2. But she didn’t touch your food? Seriously, WTF doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    Your new trainer-friend sounds great … workout and a dinner. How did he know you were looking for training advice? Did you wear a shirt that said “Help me”?

    • I must have. It was truly creepy. I noticed him propositioning the two jobs plus school and no sleep cashier too, and after I left I thought he almost seemed like one of those guys you see on dateline, or maybe I have seen him on dateline, hmmmmm.

    • Awe, glad you like it and hope you’ll visit often. I get funnier I swear, you should read my drunk post, ha! πŸ™‚

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