Two good runs, pearl earrings and a complimentary peacock and emu.

Happy Friday!

I didn’t get the chance to post yesterday but I thought I would mention that I ran 7 epic miles with negative splits and I totally nailed it. I uploaded all the data to Garmin Connect so if you want to be friends on Garmin Connect or Daily Mile, please send me a request and I’ll add you back cause I’m all cool like that.

Cool Weather Running Attire

This morning I woke up all excited to run a quick 3 miles but the unthinkable happened. My new Garmin Forerunner 620 was dead. As in, not turning on. I freaked the f out because I totally put it on the charger last nite. Apparently you also have to plug the charger in….ooops. Good thing my Forerunner 405 still had some charge left in it. So I ran with the 405. I also took a few photos of my favorite creatures from the hood this morning.

Pre the Peacock

Emily the Emu

Last night I had nothing planned for dinner so I used some leftovers in the fridge to create the most awesome salad ever….I used a bagged lettuce mix and added almonds, blackberries, orange slices, carrots, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and jalapeno’s and it was excellent.

My salad creation

It probably doesn’t look so excellent in the picture but that’s due to my ridiculously bad picture-taking skills.

I’ve almost finished my race calendar for the year. I realize I’m way behind most people but races are something I need to put a lot of thought into and I have to figure in training, time, distance etc. (and mostly because of my seriously bad OCD) so it takes time. I’m hoping to post the schedule this weekend and I really hope some of you are going to be running the same races so we can meet up beforehand, that would be pretty stellar.

One last thing….look what MacGyver brought home for me…

Pearl Earings

Pearl earings with little diamonds on them. He is so getting lucky this weekend πŸ˜‰

I’m attempting a 12 mile run tomorrow. Here’s hoping it goes okay after this fiasco. I’m not worried if it doesn’t because I can always just cut it short and go hang with the peacocks and emu’s.

So, have you scheduled any races for this year? Have you scheduled the whole year? Do you have a long run scheduled for tomorrow?

27 thoughts on “Two good runs, pearl earrings and a complimentary peacock and emu.

  1. I’m with Lisa, when it comes to planning a race calendar in January. I have an idea of which races, I’d like to run, (for example I would like to run at least 3 marathons and hopefully two ultras) but I also keep an open eye out for new races to run as well.

    • I kept a few months open in case an ultra comes along…I’d really, really like to run an ultra this year. And if were an especially good ultra, I’d give up a half or a full marathon for it! πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t know how everyone manages to schedule their entire year of running. I have four 5Ks between now and March and I felt like I was thinking pretty far ahead!

    • LOL, I know what you mean. I have spent so much time trying to schedule mine that I missed the cutoff for 2 races I really wanted to run. LOL

  3. I love a good salad! My race schedule is set until May, after that I’m not sure. I see swans that show up in front of our house from time to time but mainly I see sheep, cows and goats when I’m out running … and the occasional guard dog that thinks I’m a threat and wants to chase me making me pick up the pace πŸ™‚

    • The guard dogs kill me. I got chased by a 5 pound pomeranian this morning. I finally turned around and yelled BOO! I swear he stopped so fast I was expecting to see skid marks and then he ran back towards his home. It made me laugh my butt off.

  4. I have some races scheduled. Mostly just 5k’s. But I’ve been so injury prone I want to take it easy and strength train and learn all about recovery and increasing miles safely.
    We have peacocks out here where we live but no emu’s. Thats pretty cool.
    Oh yeah! Check out my blog for a giveaway and blog hop going on until the 30th! Lots of bloggers giving away sweet fitness items!

    • πŸ˜‰ I will do that. Maybe I’ll post again on Monday about a new diamond bracelet or something equally spectacular, ha!

    • I totally live on Grapefruit Circle! It cracks me up but we have a bazillion fruit trees in our neighborhood, I tend to pick and run quite often but when I go to visit other places I never want to eat fruit, LOL

  5. (just to complete the Canadian trifecta here…) You mean to say that if I plug my Garmin into its power cord and then carry it around in my pocket all day long, it won’t charge??!! Garmin should do something about that, I’m pretty sure my body gives off some sort of force field or electrical charge that someone should be able to harness! Work on it, Garmin!
    I see a ton of Canada geese every time I run in Springbank here in London and I’m gonna start taking pics…
    Salad looked and sounded yummy!
    Lucky MacGyver! Good work there, bud!

    • πŸ˜‰ MacGyver did good! The salad was incredible and wouldn’t it be completely and utterly awesome if we could charge Garmins with farts? We should make that happen. I think I’m on to something here….

    • Thank you. I love the peacocks. I wish everyone could come and run in my neighborhood for a day, it’s such a rush to see them.

  6. You see some pretty amazing things along your runs! I’ve pretty much got my race schedule set, although I couldn’t find one for January that I wanted to run (that wasn’t already full). Oh well!

    • The same thing happened to me but i got lucky and found one for the 26th of Jan. in Sarasota so Im thinking of adding it…crossing my fingers I feel good enough to run it.

  7. My race schedule is pretty much set until May (at least in terms of half and full marathons), and I have an idea of what I’ll be running in the fall. My goal this year is actually to race less, so I’ve had to hold back on scheduling.

    I have a 10-12K trail run scheduled for tomorrow and an 18K schedule for Sunday.

    • My problem is I only like halfs or fulls. LOL But I do run the occasional 5’s ,10’s and 15’s in the off season. I should run more of them but Im so anal I feel like they cut into my long run time. Crazy right?

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