Run & Rant – 5 miles, hairspray, auto correct and Christmas lights, GO!

This morning I decided to do a little shake out run. I felt fine but I didn’t want to push it after yesterdays long run so I ran 5 miles. The difference between yesterday and today was about 15 degrees!

A nice run on a sunny day

The high was around 80 today. I’m not sure exactly how hot it was, all I know is that I got about 100 mosquito bites while taking down the Christmas Lights outside. Because who gets Malaria while taking down Christmas lights? Probably me.

I don’t know about you but I hate taking down the Christmas lights. It’s just so sad because it means it’s all over. All of the Christmas cookies, the Christmas presents, the Christmas movies and Christmas music, done, and it just makes me sad……

Ah, horse shit, who am I kidding, I’m just lazy and I really hate takin all that shit back down. If I didn’t suffer from OCD, I’d leave those damn lights up year round and party like a rock star!

Have I mentioned that my dogs like to lay on my shoes to let me know they’re ready for a walk….apparently, they’ve learned their subtle tactics from me.

Brooks Running Shoes and a Black lab

This morning they had to wait a bit longer because I decided to actually do something with my hair. Unfortunately, the $15 can of hairspray that I impulsively bought always jams at the nozzle so when I spray it, it just clumps at the top. I think I’ve waisted 1/3 of the can and I’ve only used it twice. You would think for $15 those bitches could get it right. It’s hairspray, the operative word here is SPRAY! Jeez

Anyway, after my walk with the dogs, I texted my Mom to remind her to vote for something. After about 5 minutes, she texted me back, ‘What do you mean?’ So I scrolled up to look at my message and auto correct had changed it from ‘Don’t forget to Vote for me’ to ‘Oldsmobile for me’. Really? C’mon Auto Correct, where did that come from. I swear auto correct screws with me on a regular basis just for shits and giggles.

Tonite MacGyver and I went to the grocery store and as I was getting into the car, something jumped up on my leg and then bounced off and hit the door. It was this little guy:


And then I came home and guess who else caught a frog? Fortunately, his frog is stuffed:

A Dachshund and a Frog

Did you take down your Christmas lights this weekend? What’s the worst word auto correct has ever falsely corrected for you?

10 thoughts on “Run & Rant – 5 miles, hairspray, auto correct and Christmas lights, GO!

  1. Taking down the Christmas lights is solidly filed under “husband chore” in my household so he did it. And I was quite proud because it was about 35-40 degrees out so it wasn’t fun but he did it nonetheless.
    PS. Love the photos of the pups!

    • I failed to mention that my husband did help a little with taking down the lights. Not that I dont want to give him credit but, seeing as how he didn’t want me to put up decorations in the first place, (because he is even lazier than me) he gets no credit for helping take them down. Ha!

  2. We haven’t done outdoor lights since the Big’s moved out but we did take down the tree this weekend and I was SO happy to see it go. Christmas is over and I’m not sad because I am counting down the days until I am sitting on a Cuban beach drinking something alcoholic. That is my favorite kind of holiday 🙂

  3. I don’t do the outdoor lights; that’s my husband’s job. I tear down the indoor decorations, including the tree. I love it; it’s so satisfying, especially with beer. Putting up the tree and decorations. . .well, that’s why I had kids, so they can do the stuff I don’t want to do anymore.

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