Ran six miles, ate an orange and two of my toes are blue! What is going on?

Happy Monday!

I ran 6 miles around the neighborhood this morning. It was a relatively easy run or so I thought but according to Mr. 620, (that’s what I call the love of my life, my Garmin), my heart rate was high the whole time…go figure! I didn’t feel like it was a particularly tough run but Mr. 620 did so that’s that. I’m not going to argue with him because that’s just not how we play, we cool like that.

Anyway….after my run I took the dogs on their walk and spotted this little bitty teeny weenie woodpecker in a tree. He was the coolest thing ever. You can barely see him in this picture.

Baby Woodpecker

After staring at him for a while the dogs and I started walking again and out of nowhere this red tailed hawk came swooping down quite close to us. This is not a very good picture because I took it as he was flying off and he was already pretty far away but it gives you an idea of the size of him.

Red Tailed Hawk

The whole situation was rather hawkward.

I came home after that, ate a delicous orange and worked on the computer for a while until MacGyver came home and wanted to go to Costco and well, I never turn down a trip to Costco, so I jumped up to go. It was only then that I noticed two of my toes were blue, yes blue.

Two Blue Toes

They stayed that way for about 2 hours. It was the strangest thing. Just two toes and they were both freezing though no other part of my foot was cold at all. Weird.

Blue Toes one hour later

These are the two blue toes one hour later.

I had not been wearing compression socks or anything and I had been sitting on the sofa working for a few hours so I have no idea what caused it but in any event it did go away after several hours.

blue toes

These are the two blue toes about 2 and half hours later…I was starting to think they were permanent…oh my!

Has anything like that ever happened to you? It would make more sense if it were the entire foot or all of my toes but it was only two toes.

If you have ever had anything like that happen? I ‘d love to hear about it….Do you think it’s strange to have two blue toes and would you be worried?

I refuse to look it up on WebMD because I aint goin there…..

16 thoughts on “Ran six miles, ate an orange and two of my toes are blue! What is going on?

  1. I’ve had red toes before..I get these things called chilblains (probably spelled wrong) and they are from warming up my feet way too fast..like jumping into a hot shower after being out in the snow. Tight red spot appear and they hurt..but go away after a day or two. I’ve also lost the same toenail twice and it has been white for the past couple weeks. I thought I was going to lose it again but it’s still there. Your blue freezing toes sound like frostbite but I’m thinking it’s not cold enough where you live to get that.. beats me!

    • I’ve heard of chillblains, I had a friend with Lupus who used to get them on her feet. She said they were painful but went away quickly. My toes are already back to normal and the doc says it’s probably an issue with circulation and we’re just gonna watch and see if it happens again. I have a feeling it wont. And your right, it’s around 70 here, not the slightest bit cold 🙂

    • It was scary but fortunately I’m pretty good about telling my doctor all the wonderful things that happen to me so he keeps a close eye on me which is probably why Im uber healthy…well that and the running 40ish miles a week, that’s probably got something to do with it to…LOL

  2. That is crazy! It’s happened to one of my fingers before. It eventually went away, so I wasn’t too worried. Good thing I didn’t check WebMD!

    • It’s the freakiest thing. I’m not going to stress too much over it, thankfully it went away and doesnt seem to be coming back, *crossing fingers.

  3. Ok…I’m cracking up because of Lisa’s comment about not going to webMD. I have personally made the mistake before and found that everything ended in cancer or death.

    Anyway, that is crazy about your foot. I would still, at the very least, mention it to your doctor so they have it on record. Take care!

    • I am definitely going to mention it to my doctor just to be on the safe side but on a side note it was kind of cool looking…LOL

  4. Did you look this up? Everything I’m reading suggests a small piece of plaque from an artery blocked some tiny blood vessels/your circulation for a bit. I’m assuming since it’s better now, the blockage has cleared. How is your cholesterol? I’m also wondering if it could be the beginning of Raynaud’s Syndrome? If it happens again, get it checked out.

    Also, I found the answer to Garmin being off by a half mile each run (and then subsequent pacing being off). Don’t run with a foot pod. The foot pod is only used if you want accurate, real-time details of pace during a run. The watch will use that info to determine distance run at the end, and throw everything off. If you don’t use your foot pod, the watch uses arm swing (it usually matches foot fall) to determine cadence, and uses the GPS then to determine distance. This leads to more accurate mileage and splits – and then overall pace for the run.

    • Thanks! I have had Raynauds before but in my hands. Cholesterol is good but I do think it has to do with circulation…

      Great info on the Garmin, I have noticed the foot pod throws it off. I’m going to run without it for a while and see what happens.

  5. I don’t think I’d worry unlless it happened again – but for goodness sakes don’t go to WebMD, they’ll convince you that you have 5 minutes to live!

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