My 2014 Race Schedule and My Weight Lifting Fail

Happy Sunday!

I ran 3.5 miles this morning. I planned on running more but I was a bit tired and I have no idea why because I’ve been sort of lazy lately and I slept in the last few days but no matter, I still ran 3.5 miles, so that’s that.

I managed to take some spectacular photos of some of the wildflowers and plants in my yard today. In case you don’t follow me on instagram and I have no idea why you wouldn’t, but just in case, here are a few of those pics:

False Day Flower Wildflower

This Wildflower is called a False Day Flower

Christmas Cactus

The blooms on my Christmas Cactus. I have had this one for about 6 years.


pink bougainvillea

One of my pink bougainvillea’s Some bougainvillea’s are thorny but this one isn’t.

Yesterday I finally managed to clean up the home gym located in the man cave. I had to work up the courage to go up there and clean it because it’s a man cave and inhabited mostly by men so there should be no further explanation needed. Anyway, after cleaning I hopped on the weight machine with delusional thoughts of jumping in right where I left off, like 5 months ago, but that didn’t happen. I did do 11 leg extensions with 30 pounds of weight and then I ran downstairs and ate a cupcake because you gotta have balance people.

Weights are hard

I did finish my race calendar yesterday. GO ME! I picked quite a few races just because they look like so much fun and then some I really want to run competitively. As usual I probably picked too many but here it is, in all its overachieving glory, my 2014 race calendar:

January 26, 2014 Suncoast Half Marathon Sarasota, FL

February 2, 2014 Best Damn Race Half Marathon Safety Harbor, L

February 23, 2014 Publix Gasparilla Half Marathon Tampa, FL

March 16, 2014 Sarasota Half Marathon Sarasota, FL

March 23, 2014 9th Annual Florida Beach Halfathon Tierra Verde, FL

March 30, 2014 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Knoxville, TN

April 13, 2014 Athleta Iron Girl Half Marathon Clearwater, FL

May Run for All Children 10K Safety Harbor, FL

June Nothing Scheduled…yet

July 4, 2014 Kiwanis Midnight Run 10K Dunedin, FL

August Nothing Scheduled…yet

Sept Nothing Scheduled…yet

October 26, 2014 Frankenfooter Half New Port Richey, FL

November 9, 2014 Rock and Roll Marathon Savannah, Ga

November 23, 2014 Women’s Running Half St. Pete, FL

November 30, 2014 Sal Half Marathon Sarasota, FL

December 14, 2014 Holiday Halfathon Madeira Beach, FL

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I want that

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Now, who’s running in any of the races that I’m running?

Tell me so we can meet up beforehand.

What races are you running this year?

How many races are on your schedule so far?

16 thoughts on “My 2014 Race Schedule and My Weight Lifting Fail

    • Thanks Janelle, I love Christmas Cactus, I have 4 of them and I’ve had them for years. I get so excited in October when they start to bloom. Anytime you want to race in Florida you let me know and I’ll race with you!

  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    I sure wish my race schedule looked like that! I might not be racing any time soon IT band needs more time to heal and I thin I’m just making it worse with all the attempted runs.. oh well. I’ll cheer on everyone who gets to run 🙂

  2. Hey Flower! Wow I can’t believe your schedule…..I can’t even think past tomorrow sometimes let alone the whole year. My daughter is getting married in October ( I’m sure I already told you ) so I will be carefully choosing races…Kaching Kaching .$$$$$. I already signed up for the Best Damn Race months ago but I’m doing the 10 k….hmmmm maybe ill change to the half. I DO want to do one of Gasparilla races ( I’ve never done because I heard it was SO crowed and there was no parking……I guess I better decide pretty quick. I’m pretty sure ill run the Belleair Sunset 5k on 2/15…’s short, quick GREAT scenery and a GREAT after party! You should join me or have you given up all shorter distance races? Another one I’ve always wanted to run is the zoo run on 3/1 ( takes you through Lowry Park zoo). Besides that I haven’t planned….not sure if ill do Iron Girl half again. It’s the bridge thing …lol!!!! Ok so I’ve already run 148 miles this month….so much for cutting back….BUT I’m cross training too. I did Kristen’s cycle class this am 50 min then 20 min of her “ab busters” and I fell flat on my face doing a plank!!!!! BUT I still got up and then ran 5 miles…..I’m insane!!!!

    • I am sooooo glad your doing best damn race too! It’s so close to my house, I figured why not, Ha. If you decide to do gasparilla, you can ride with me….it would be so much fun! I’m doing the half but I know they have tons of races…but I think you should do the half 😉 I may join you for the belleair sunset 5k, it’s the day after best damn, right? My in-laws are in town but I can probably squeeze another race in 🙂 The zoo one sounds fun but I dont know that I could fit that one in.

      I need to get to Kristin’s class because if I could have even 1/10th of the abs she has I would be so happy! And your not insane, YOUR A MACHINE! 🙂 Miss ya!

  3. What an awesome racing calendar, you’re amazing! Also Knoxville marathon yay! I’ve only ever done the Covenant Health 10k a few years ago, you’d think living there I’d race more there but I just mainly trained in town. Great greenways there btw. Anyway if I’m in town that weekend I’ll come cheer you on!!

    • Awe, thanks Kelsey, I love the route that the marathon is on, I used to love running along Kingston Pike and I also loved running in Sequoyah Hills, such beautiful homes and the Dogwood Trees, man I miss Tennessee, LOL.

    • Thanks Frank! Hopefully I will be able to, believe it or not it’s much more spread out than the 13 I ran last year, LOL

  4. The March Florida Beach one looks awesome. Im doing it.

    Tallahassee Half 2nd of next month and the Palace Saloon 5k.

    So far those three.

    Have you done the Florida Beach run?

    • I havent done it in a few years though I run Fort De Soto as often as I can. If you run it we should meet up beforehand. Good luck in Tallahassee!

  5. After running in 16 races this year, I’m deliberately reducing that amount of racing this year to focus a bit more on quality of training. I’ll be running two marathons and at least 4 half marathons as a 5 and a 10K, but that is about it… at least for now!

    My current race schedule can be found here: Alas, as I live on the opposite corner of the continent from you, It doesn’t look like we’ll be running togther.

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