I’m in Venice hanging with some threatened species…

Hello from Venice. I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. MacGyver and I decided to head down to Venice to get a few things done before my in-laws come to visit and it’s a good thing we did since the last time MacGyver was here he apparently left a hot pocket in the microwave, um yeah, it stinks.

We headed down first thing this morning and I hit the Legacy Trail immediately. The Legacy TrailI usually do my long runs on Saturday but we had plans so I did a 5 miler this morning. Afterward, I came home and took a quick shower while the dogs waited on me. When I got out of the shower this is how they were laying:
Best Pillow EverYou know Hank is thinking, “this is the best pillow EVER”.

After showering MacGyver and I headed off to Nokomis Groves to get some honeybells because they are basically worth dying for. We also went by a neighbors who let us pick some fresh citrus off their trees and I almost stepped on a protected species.
Florida Gopher TortoiseThat my friends is a Florida Gopher Tortoise. They are really cool. They dig deep burrows for shelter and forage on low-growing plants. Gopher tortoises share their burrows with more than 350 other species, and are therefore referred to as a keystone species. In Florida, the gopher tortoise is listed as Threatened. Both the tortoise and its burrow are protected under state law. My friends have found baby gopher tortoises and I’ve seen quite a few large ones at our cabin but never have I almost stepped on one. Unlike the snapping turtle that chased me down and almost lapped me, the gopher tortoise is a docile creature and I love them.

Anywho, after turtle watching we hit up a few garage sales and I saw the best street sign ever…

This my hood!

This my hood!

I know, right?

After we got back tot he house, we loaded up the dogs and headed out to do some fishing. MacGyver caught 3 snook right off the bat but you can’t keep them right now so we had to throw them back.

Dogs fishingWe fished for a few hours and not I’m going to watch a little movie with my guys. I gotta rest up for a long run tomorrow….

What are you doing this weekend? Did you race?

4 thoughts on “I’m in Venice hanging with some threatened species…

  1. That trail looks awesome! And thats a pretty cool turtle!
    Today we are being lazy because yesterday was our daughters 5th birthday party. We had a bounce house and a pinata. Lots of kids running wild. It was a nice party but I do all the planning and preparing so I’m beat! Plus I’ve been fighting off the flu so that’s been dragging me down. So a lazy day is very much needed.

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