I went long today and I’ve got the pics to prove it.

Running in Florida is not always easy. Part of the year it’s ridiculously hot and humid, and the other half, it’s just hot and humid. That’s mostly due to the fact that we only have the two seasons, you know, hurricane season and not hurricane season.

Currently we’re in not hurricane season which is the only time of year we can hope for a brief respite from the heat and humidity. It’s also the only time we get really decent waves for surfing but that’s another post all together. My point here is that we have had some cooler weather the last few days and it’s been just perfect for long runs. Yesterday was a bit chilly for only a 6 miler but according to this study, the weather this morning was perfect for my long run.

The Perfect Running Temperatures

(Yes, I know I’m not an elite runner but one can dream, right?)

So with a temperature of 51 degrees, I was really looking forward to my run this morning. I was careful not to overdress and I wore my heart rate monitor with my new Garmin Forerunner 620 just to make sure I didn’t push myself too hard.

running in the perfect temperature

I wore these black capris with a hooded dri-fit shirt this morning. I was a bit chilly starting out but it turned out to be the perfect outfit.

It’s funny how the people on the running trails change over the months. Typically in January you’ll see tons of people out running and walking. But they start to weed out in late February and March and by April and May, it’s back to the regulars. I noticed tons of people today that I have never seen before this morning and I really hope they prove me wrong this year and stick with it. I’d love to see how they progress over the months.

Running at a slower pace, I was able to enjoy the scenery a little more than I usually do and I took a few pictures just past the half way mark. I ran along Bayshore Drive which runs along Tampa Bay. There are homes on one side and a few docks on the other. One of the homeowners actually installed a fire pit and several chairs as well as some beautiful landscaping on the bay side for all the people walking or running by to enjoy. It’s really sweet and I’ve taken advantage of it on several occasions.

Bayshore Dr.

Running in Safety Harbor

waterfront pier

Tampa Bay

I finished my 12 miles in 2:09:56. I wish I could say I ran at a steady pace throughout but I ran a few of the miles too fast and walked during a few of them. I also made the mistake of running hills yesterday and a few hills the day before. That’s not exactly what you want to do the day before your long run. Lesson learned.

I uploaded the data into Garmin Connect when I got home, so I’ll be able to analyze the data and compare it with my future long runs to see what type of progress I’m making.

Garmin Forerunner 620

Garmin Connect

Did you run today? Was it a long run? Do you notice more people out running today than you saw last year?

22 thoughts on “I went long today and I’ve got the pics to prove it.

  1. Great pics. I went to Navy bootcamp in Orlando, Fl, way back when during January/February. I had to march in a monsoon! To quote Forrest Gump:
    Little bitty stingin’ rain… and big ol’ fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even rained at night…

  2. Just 3 miles the last couple of days. It is in the 20s here. We are expecting single digit tomorrow and Tuesday. No pre-dawn run for me. No lined tights, living in GA. I will run after work when we hit the teens. Sounds like a great run today.

    • That’s definitely cold. Our low Monday night is supposted ot be 31 and the high on Tuesday is supposed to be 47 and I’m thinking of excaping to like Cuba or somewhere. I dont know how you run in the teens but I give you mad respect for that!

  3. A couple of days ago I was out running in the snow and -13F weather so I always kind of get the giggles when I hear about the sometimes awful running weather down in Florida! *giggle* Sounds like you’re having fun with the new Garmin (voluminous hinting apparently DOES work lol), I have an earlier version which has a heart monitor as well that I actually never use. After reading your last couple of posts, though, I may start. Cool effect btw, taking a picture in a mirror with two more mirrors behind you, kind of like bathroom towels, way off into the distance!

    • LOL, -13, I would die, no, seriously, I would just die.

      I love the new Garmin and yes, my scream hinting works wonders, I like to think I perfected the art of it. You really should try the heart monitor training, it is insane how well it works. (You will love it, I just know it.)

      Glad you like the photo effects, my selfies are a constant work in progress. I would rather someone else take my picture but sadly, Annie Leibovitz does not return my calls….*sigh

    • Ooooh, I hope you have the best time ever. I love Disney. We are getting some cooler weather early in the week but Saturday’s forecast has it looking beautiful and sunny, with a high of 79 and we are only about an hour and a half from disney so it should be about the same weather. Good luck and have a great race! 🙂

  4. I ran ten miles around mid-day today after it warmed up a little… when it finally got to 22 degrees! We didn’t see very many people out running today, but it was later in the day than I usually run, and the trail was mostly snow and ice covered. We had on YakTrax, so we were fine.

    I agree, 50 degrees is about perfect weather for running a long run; however, 50 degrees for me would be shorts and a short sleeved shirt. I’m usually chilly the first mile, but then perfect for the rest of the run.

    I love the firepit, chairs, and “All Are Welcome Sign.” What nice people!

    • Thanks, I’ve been working real hard on my kick. My VO2max is 38, but I’m not sure it it’s really accurate because I’ve been taking medicine for bad sinuses since I’ve had the new Garmin. My resting heart rate is usually around 48-52, (yep, I have bradycardia), but it’s been around 60-65 since I’ve been on the medicine and I’ve noticed my max heart rate is much higher on my runs. I hope it all improves after I finish this stupid medicine.

  5. I love all the data on your new Garmin….fun! Heck yes ……yesterday was cold AND windy but I went 13 yesterday…… And then ran 10 this am ….. Started cold but quickly warmed up….about mile 5 ran back to the car and ditched the gloves and jacket. 🙂 Lots of people out this am ( not yesterday though) …….Except I always see the same old men…..and one smart a** younger guy kept passing me ( he kept turning around to shoot by…. Happened 3 times…..I wanted to trip him….. I didn’t though. Lol total of 53 miles this week….. Ok I already blew my New Years resolution of not worrying about weekly mileage…. Sigh…..

    • LOL, if I wouldn’t have been at the cabin I would have blown mine too. I’m only gonna get about 30 in this week but I’m getting serious about my rest days and cross training and WEIGHTS. (Dont ask me how many times I’ve done the weights though, uh, epic fail on that one, hehe). I’m still working on my race calendar too but I’ll let you know when I figure it out…hopefully we can run a lot of races together this year!

    • Yesterday, I waited a bit, but today was awesome. Next week it looks like a few 39ish mornings, I’m kind of afraid of those LOL

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