I lied about my run today….

People…it is flippin cold! I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I have no idea what cold really is and I should shut my pie hole and you’re probably right because let’s face it, if you put me in single digit weather, I would die. No, I would. My blood is Florida thin and it would freeze up so fast I wouldn’t even have time to bitch about it. That’s seriously fast, just trust me on that one.

Florida Weather

This morning I had a really hard time getting out of bed so me and the boys, (Hank and Boomer), had a festival, Snugglefest 2014! It was a huge success so we’re thinking of making it an annual affair. We finally got up around 7:30 but the boys just moved to the sofa while I started my day.

Boomer gives the frog a bone

Hank in the Cave

I sort of told a lie today, well, actually, I tweeted a lie. I said I was going for a run at around 9am but I didn’t leave the house until sometime after noon. It was actually 44 degrees by the time I left but I did get out there and get my six miles in and I got to wear my prom sleeves.

Prom Sleeves

I love winter running clothes. I’ve been waiting a whole year to wear those sleeves. I also wore a hooded long sleeve shirt, a hooded sweat shirt, gloves, running tights and compression socks. Sadly I overdressed because by mile two I was on fire. I have come to the realization that I have absolutely no idea how to dress in cold weather so if anyone has any advice, do share, I’m open to all suggestions. hint hint!

I finally took down the last of my indoor Christmas decorations today, including the 5 trees. Don’t ask. Anyway, last year, a friend wanted to buy me a really cute ornament and she asked if any of my trees have a theme and I said no but then I took down the trees today and I started to notice a pattern…

dog ornaments

tropical living ornaments

Apparently, even I am unaware of the seriousness of my OCD. Did I mention that I also took down all of my outdoor Christmas lights this weekend? Well, I did and I have no idea how I did not notice this:

Palm Tree with Tree Stand

Why yes, yes it is. MacGyver has positioned a tree stand smack dab in the middle of one of my palm trees…IN THE FRONT YARD! I am seriously afraid to ask why….

How cold was it in your area today and did you run? On a treadmill or outside?

14 thoughts on “I lied about my run today….

  1. I read somewhere once that you should dress for 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature when heading outside for a run and it has always worked for me. Yesterday we were at -40c (same in fahrenheit) with the windchill and today it was -15c (5F) so I opted for the treadmill. I like running but if my feet fall off because of frostbite I won’t be running any time soon.

  2. I ran yesterday and today at 5am …..BRRR it was FREEEEEEEZZZZZING…I’m such a Florida girl too… I wore 2 pairs of pants, 2 long sleeve tech shirts and a hoodie jacket, compression socks, running socks, gloves with a pair of mitten on top of them and a thick headband with ear flaps …… I think it took longer to get dressed and undressed than to run 7 miles! Lol….. Really want spring break … NOW! Ok a question for you and the running community…. I need a another pair of running shoes to alternate with my Newtons ( my faves!). I really loved my Brooks Pure Cadence1s but they are nowhere to be found …. So I ordered a pair of 2’s and totally hated them ( the look, the feel, the lacing….) just sent them back, I’ve got a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders but I’m not liking them too much now either… I need some suggestions…. 🙂

    • I would definitely try the Brooks Pure Flow 2’s or the Mizuno Wave Sayonara’s. I’m running in both of them right now and both are light but I feel like I get a bit more stability from the mizunos. I think the brooks would more closely resemble the feel of the newtons. Anybody else have any suggestions?

  3. So I’m not the only one in Florida who can’t figure out not to overdress if it goes below 70? Heading out to run in thermals, long pants, 3 shirts and a hoody… Maybe I should bring a scarf too.

  4. Yesterday’s high was in the mid 40s. I wanted to do a track run after work but the stadium lights were still off at my local high school (I was hoping last week was a fluke because of winter break, but I’m now thinking that it’s because of the overall season, so I’m going to have to stalk some other local high schools for a lighted track). So, I reluctantly did a treadmill workout. Oh well, maybe I’ll find a track by next Tuesday.

    • Not sure where you live but have you tried the local community colleges or private schools? Sometimes they’ll let you use the tracks if they have them, and also some of the bigger ymca’s and rec centers have them too and some are indoors, (yay). I go through phases with my treadmill, right now we’re in an open relationship but occasionally we go exclusive, especially when it’s cold outside 😉

      • I do have an open relationship with my treadmill 😉 Thanks for the suggestions. Our local college doesn’t have a gym. They recently put in a really nice sports field (soccer I think?) but there isn’t a track. And our local YMCA doesn’t have an indoor or outdoor track.
        My best bet is a local high school. The jr. high school tracks are typically gravel and not lit. The high school tracks around here are all really nice, and generally if you’re not interfering with any sports practice (like if football practice is going on) you can use the track. Public tax money pays for those facilities, hence why they won’t complain if you’re not in the way. In the fall, I could go b/c the lights were on for football practice.
        I contacted a friend who I ran XC with in HS, and who coaches now, and he suggested some other HS’s to try besides just the one closest to me, so I’ll scout some out this week and see if I find any lights on. 🙂

  5. I ran 2 short miles in about 30 degrees and that was cold enough for me! I didn’t have gloves and thats the only thing I felt was missing. My toes got pretty numb and I almost tripped at one point..I’ll stick to using the treadmill later in the mornings or running outside midday or later.
    One good tip about dressing for the cold is to dress as if the temp is about 15 degrees warmer than what it really is. That way you don’t overdress. You’ll start off a bit chilly but as you found out, you’ll warm up rather fast.

    • Thanks Fawn, luckily we dont get cold weather that often. This morning when I went out it was 42 degrees and very windy but I wore a long sleeve shirt with a huge hoodie and running tights with some shorts and I was fine. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be in the 50’s and by the weekend we should be near 80 again. Don’t ya just love this ridiculous shift from hot to cold to hot? It’s cray! 🙂

      • The weather IS pretty crazy! I live in central California where there are lots of farms and crops and orchards, and we could definitely use some rain right about now. We haven’t had any rain this season! Hopefully mother nature gets back on track soon..

  6. It was 2 degrees when I got up and 15 degrees when I ran. I wore my regular running pants and probably should have layered with capris because my thighs got cold. Up top I had on a normal weight winter running shirt and an unlined nylon shell and it was perfect. I wore my running mittens over my gloves because my hands always get cold. My body temp definitely runs higher than most people. My hubby would have had on double the amount of clothes that I had on and he would have still been cold!

    Love all of your doggie ornaments!

    • That’s so funny because it is exactly the same in my house. The hubby will have 4 blankets on and I’ve got a sheet but my hands do get cold too. I wear mittens. Screw running gloves they just never cut it for me, I always wear mittens. I even wear them when I ride the ATV in the winter because they work better than riding gloves at keeping my hands warm. I dont think I could run in 15 degrees…I would try but my legs might just seize up, LOL

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